War of the worlds at my work place.

So Im sure youve all heard about the Denver alien caught on video May 30th. Well I went to work that day, and everyone was talking about it like it was big breaking news, and CNN, and Fox were going to be holding a press confrance about it. It truned out it wasnt as big as everyone was making it out to be, and I was at work so nobody could realy find out what was going on. So Im getting all excited, and my horroscope for May 30th said… “You are witness to many illusions. Things arnt allways as they seem, and you will be delighted when diffrent realitys reveal themselves” So this made me even more excited. I was running around telling others about the alien as if the government was going to let everyone know that aliens are amoung us, and it spread allthrough the warehouse. So it was realy blew out of perportion. Even though it wasnt as big as everyone made out, it was still one of the most exciting moments of my life. I expiranced a War of the worlds like they had back in the 40s when everyone paniced while listning to a fiction story of aliens attacking the earth, and thinking it was real. Nobody was realy scared they were more excited… It was an enteresting expirance Ill never forget.

wait… what alien? and was it fake or real? I have never heard of the Denver Alien?

edit: ok googled it, I saw the video, but it looks like a 3d animation to me, how it moves and how it appears. So what is/was the story?

Neithere have I . could you give us some links to the articles … please ? :eek:

youtube.com/results?search_q … type=&aq=f

A video was made by skeptics to prove that it could be done, but from what I hear the actual video was made in 2003, and has not been released yet because scientist are still looking at it, allthough there is a few videos of it floating around. Now Im not sure what the deal was with this being realesed on May 30th its I dont know all the details. This was on CNN, and Larry King.