Warning Forum clock is out, posts will be out of order

Warning Forum clock is out, posts will be out of order
Beware before posting.

Does this have anything to do with the vast amount of people shown to be online all day, or is that just weird?

whenever i check all of the topics in a forums and i go to the index it still says that i haven’t read it.

I’m getting a “you can’t make a search so soon after the last one” error. Probably related to the clock. Just a hint. :wink:

Is that the reason why Dragon72 couldn’t pm me?
and that my inbox is messed up? I had received new messages before I checked last time. But I had checked all my messages so that is weird :confused:

Is the problem solved now?

server has gone down overnight, i’m just awake, looking into it.

i changed the server time now, I hope that fixes it.

So…Did Qeth do it or not?

/me was hoping it was related to the new forum layout

nope, it wasn’t intentional.

I don’t know what caused it.

The minutes on the server clock are accurate now … I think the owners of the server reset it … but it went to USA time? and not GMT

no, i set the time manually and put in the extra minutes too. The time shows correct for me (forum time), that’s how i checked it. But the ‘bare’ server time is indeed not GMT anymore but UTC.

UTC? I thought it would have been American time zone.

i believe i set it to UTC :tongue:

But UTC sucks set it to GMT!! OR better yet Zulu!! pftt

while you were still sleeping and the clock was wrong … I noticed the minutes were accurate