Was I close to... Something?

Just now I was laying in bed. Maybe about 7 or 7:30pm. I’m tired so thinking a nap, perhaps.
I was drifting in and out of dreams. Never fully into a dream but deep enough for there to be context around. I could still open my eyes barely and I think and the dark of the room just mixed with the dream.
This whole time, except the moments I was deeper in a dream, I was lightly aware of this. At one point, I must have been a tiny bit less asleep, and could feel a heavy weight on me, feeling like it was weighing and pushing me down. I also heard some weird things, including the sound you hear when youre head is under some pressure and some weird sound that reminded me of the sound a shovel makes when digging in gravel and my hands were tingly. I don’t think I was actually paralyzed though. I was maybe close, because I was heavy feeling. I didn’t want to test it though because I know feeling paralyzed would freak me out even though I managed to stay calm, oddly, through the weird noises and feeling, and told myself a few times i would lucid dream. I however didn’t see a thing and I pulled myself easily awake, just opening my eyes and the feeling disappeared quickly. (kinda on purpose cause it was getting aggravating and I wanted to stop before I got scared).
Was this the start of HI/SP/WILD? Had I been more aware would I have been able to follow one of these half dreams into a full dream (Even though it was before I felt odd?) or was the sensations and feeling just a dream tricking me?
In any case I managed to remain calm so that’s a huge step lol

I want to point it out this happened again, almost exactly.Twice in a row this morning when I was half awake half asleep (Had to get up after only 4 hours of sleep to give my dog medicine) Same sound and feeling. What was it exactly? Was it SP and stuff or was it close but no cigar? Or, again, was it just my dreams wanting to trick me into thinking that it was real?

Nothing special here, but yeah you might use all this to get a LD. When you get back to sleep in the morning,its common to see dreams being half awake. In fact i had a short LD this morning in this condition. I woke up and fell asleep again several times,and saw some dream fragments in between those awakenings. While doing this i was thinking about having a LD. Finally ,when i fell asleep the 3rd time,at the end of the dream i realized that i could change the scene of the dream. And i did. And i kinda had this sensation that im not fully asleep,so it didnt last long. I had this flash of lucidness,and it all started fading in 10 maybe 20seconds. Wanted to rub my hands to make it more stable but,in this dream i was in bed in same position as in my real bed and my hands were under the pillow :cheesy: i just knew,any movements will completely wake me up.
Havent had that many LD’s,but half of them were in the morning. So keep trying ,and sleep longer :smile: And those body sensations u described,yes its was a start of WILD. Tried it many times with no success. The best i could get is similar what u had ,and its not hard to get to this point. Just relax and wait until u start feeling these weird vibrations all over the body,sometimes hearing sounds.

Hm. Okay then. Next time this happens I’ll try to let it continue until it progresses. Sometimes it’s SO easy to fall into that. One of those times, any time I let myself stay still and didn’t concentrate on being awake I would start feeling that.

Yeah try again :smile: maybe you will have more success then me. I cant pass the point where my mody starts to feel weird and some blurry images begin to form behind my closed eyelids. I try to just keep calm and wait,but at some point it all becomes really intense : faster breathing and body twiching (this should be the last stage before shifting into a dream),but then it all goes away no matter how hard i try :confused:

Yea. I’ll defiantly have to try and hope it works. I managed to not panic when that other stuff happened. Again, don’t know if I actually got paralyzed, and I didn’t want to test it in case I wasn’t and it’d wake me up (but it was awful easy to move as I woke up) but despite being able to move or not I didn’t freak out at the intense pressure, tingles and noises - Like something was actually weighing on me. I thought for sure I’d freak the fudge out in that situation but I didn’t. So maybe that’s a good step towards being successful… And opens up more methods I can try.

There’s nothing to panic about,couse this is all a natural process that happens every night :smile: you just dont feel it when u go to sleep without any intension to stay aware of it. You know what u should do? Instead of just lying still and waiting,try this. Imagine urself having an orange in your hands. Try to feel it,feel the smell of it,look at its bright color. Then start peeling it slowly. Feel the smell of it getting stronger. Maybe the juice is coming out of it? when you peeled it completely,take a piece,eat it,take another piece. When you eat it all take another orange and start all over again. I’ve read lately that its a very effective method to make ur body fall asleep :smile: at some moment you should see this orange clearly as it was real. I tried it only once,and my body went numb within minutes. Maybe it will help you.