Was it a WILD?

So today is Saturday, thought I would just sleep in, but instead, my body woke me up 6 hours after i went to bed. Maybe a sign to try out WILD again : D I have had one or two WILDs before, but it faded in 4-6 minutes. So I woke myself up, looked at the forums and website, after an hour, decided to go to bed and try it out :smile: I drifted off a bit fast, but I was in my Science Classroom with everyone holding crayons and looking like zombies, I quickly think it’s a dream, but wake up. Probably out of excitement, but now I’m questioning if it was a dream, or just something I saw through HI? O.o Just thought I would make sure before I add this to my LD count. :content:

The way you describe it, it seems like a dream, because you write " I was in my Science Classroom", not “I saw my Science Classroom”. AFAIK the main difference between HI and dreams is that you usually ARE in a dream, and only SEE HI (but maybe I am wrong :razz:).
But generally I think you have to answer this question by yourself, because you were the one that was experiencing it.