was this a FLD?

this morning after a WBTB i had a very interesting dream. i was sleeping in the same position i went to bed in and i was trying to become lucid(this is the dream). i would have lots of HI and then i would create an image of my room and a couple of times i got out of the bed and i was ‘lucid’ in the dream. there were three attempts to become lucid in my dream and they were all WILD’s. the thing is that in the dream i knew exactly what being lucid was and how to achieve lucidity, but i still didnt realize that it was all a dream. is this a false lucid dream or just a really cool normal dream?

Since you dreamed of becoming lucid, I’d say it was a FLD…

Ive had this sorta thing before. I’ll write out the dream now:

Its a shame, when I woke up to reality, I couldn’t remember a single dream I’d had in the second level of dreaming. Whilst I was on the dream train I never once questioned the reality of it because everthing was pretty normal. I say these sorta dreams are layer 0 of lucidity.

Rich :smile:

oh my god the same thing happened to me! i just woke up a few minutes ago and i realized i was dreaming before and started to suddenly recall it and i remember trying to sleep after doing WILD on my side and kind of drifting in-and-out of a dream-state it felt like i was going in-and-out of a lucid dream but i didn’t realize i was sleeping wow! this site is really informative they have it all!

again tonight i had lots of FLD. this is getting kind of annoying. in my dream i dreamed that i was having a successful lucid dream and i was walking around my room. then in the dream in my dream i couldn’t wake up because i kept having FA. i eventulally woke up for what i thought was ‘real’ but had only woken up from my dream’s dream, to my dream. after a while i woke up for real. are FLD common for starting LDers?

FLD’s are very common for starters. I had myself two nights ago a FLD too. But you should be happy if you get one, because it means that your mind is orientated on LD’ing and thus gives you something related to it - you’re very close ! :wink:

ya i am happy cause i never used to get these sorts of dreams. this week i have been doing WBTB and i think i am close :smile:

I’ve had dreams where I dream about lucidity, but I’m not having a FLD. A FLD is a dream where you act like a lucid dreamer and you do things that you want to do. However, you do not realize that your dreaming.

I think that you were just having an ordinary dream, unless you did the things you wanted to with your own free will.