Was this a lucid dream?

So i just woke up from a pretty heavy nap (5 hours) haha, i just came home from an obligatory camping trip that sucked, very rainy and very cold. normally i go to bed at 9 and sleep at 9.30 but as you can imagine that is hard with my classmates and good atmosphere haha. Anyway i came home and fell asleep almost instantly, Now to the dream;

@important to note, i had been thinking about lucid dreaming for about 2 days now and read alot about it, so i could have simply dreamt it

The dream is way to long to post in this post only but i will try to shorten the parts that matter. anyway the dream starts in school, i am looking out of the window when suddenly i notice fighting yets, they start firing and throw bombs as they cruise by, including the school. i could not believe my eyes and checked my phone for any news on what this could be, it seemed like Russia had attacked and taken over Norway. long story short i got hypothermia? for no reason and found a norwegian army base, and the ND continued on for a short time before i finally found myself in what i think was my house?, it wasnt like it at all but anyway,

my dad is showing me some clips of the russian leader (not putin) and was trying to convice me this couldnt be real. which was then i realised that i was dreaming. I looked and my hand and just as i thought i had different amounts of fingers from each time i counted. i started saying my name, where i was (i thought i was in the bed but when i woke up i realised i was actually in my sofa) and also the date, which i got right, also another thing i stated to myself was that it was very vivid, not blurry like usually. As i realised i was dreaming i wanted to try out flying, which i havent been able to do yet. as i was walking out to a balcony i grabbed what seemed like a mop ( which i believed changed to a broomstick in my hand) and jumped of the balcony with ease flying into the horizon until the ground beneath me starts morphing and turns into a sims world?? i land when i see that 2 women har approaching me, who says they are my family? and i lost lucidity. :help:

Yes, that is a lucid dream. Congratulations! And welcome (again) to LD4all :cool:

yeah i think you are right, note to myself stop overthinking. when i think about it now it was alot clearer than usual and was very stable :happy: