Was this an LD?

Okay, so i had a dream where i tried to WILD on a stage. I went to sleep, and it was sorta like a chained LD. I was in this room, i then decided to do 2 RC’s, neither of them worked, but i still knew it was a dream, i rubbed my hands together and i left the room, i closed the door and said, when i walk in a hot girl from my school will be in there. She was. We kinda did it, but i didn’t feel like i was in total control. But after that i then woke up to a normal dream.

I can’t really tell, i wasn’t in total control. But that is some of the things i would have done. and my vision was in first person view but wasn’t really vivid

Oh and it was only like 30 seconds long

The definition of a lucid dream isn’t being in total control, it’s being aware of the fact you are dreaming :content:. Congrats on the LD, even if it was a little low lucid.

I had my first semi-lucid dream the other night. I couldn’t really control much of anything and my memory is a little fuzzy on the details, and it seemed like it lasted only about 20 seconds. Oh well, a step in the right direction I suppose.