Was This Lucidity

I was having a dream i remember suddenly rubbing my hands for no reason and i remembered that i got it from ld4all. Then I remember that i was lying on my stocach and trying to pull myself up but i coullnt i felt paralized and i tried to screem but nothing. This Brings me to another question. when i person experiences SP and sees OH- old Hag, is he awake and his eyes are open or is he dreaming of being awake? and is it possible to prevent old hag by just closing ur eyes when paralyzed ?

FYI- when i woke up i remembered that i fell asleep using an old technique for LDS . BY Watching tv till u fall asleep and Thinking of urself walking up the stairs. I GOT IT FROM ANSWERS.com It seemed to work

By the sound of it you didn’t know you were dreaming so that probably wasn’t a LD. And I’m pretty sure you get SP when you’re awake. It could happen in a dream too.

About closing your eyes if you see the old hag, I don’t know. I’ve never experienced SP at all but I do hallucinate and it usually doesn’t go away with my eyes shut.

BUt Idk It seems Soo real and vivid and i remember saying to myself i cant believe im in a dream and i can do anything i want. Maybe it was just a low level of lucidity cuz i rememember that everything turned black after it