Was this true SP?

Last night I went to bed early. I woke up again at maybe 11ish and was laying on my back falling asleep.
I ended up getting that major tingly sensation. I tried to move and for a fact I couldn’t even though I strained against it. To top it off, the fan I have going next to me all of a sudden sounded muted or not there at all - as in it was quite suddenly hushed, except for on occasion when I focused on it it came in and out of hearing like waves.

I forcefully tore my eyes open (despite them being super heavy) and woke myself up then after a little bit back to bed again because I had to get up super early this morning and didn’t want to deal with anything thst would risk how much sleep I got.

But did I experience SP for sure time? I’m pretty sure I did, but I want to make sure. And how often and likely is it for the external sounds to mute like thst or does that kind of pair in with hearing noises?

Ps. Yes I did wake up properly. It wasn’t a false awakaning. Unless I’m good at playing an iPad game on my real ipad in my sleep lol.

Yes, I would say that’s bona fide SP. The tell-tale sign, of course, is…paralysis. Paralysis is unmistakable. If moving is a major chore, you’re in a deep trance.

Also, yes, sound distortion is normal. Some call this the “Quiet Zone” and can actually enter it without your body becoming fully paralyzed, but they usually happen together. Physiologically what’s happening is that your afferent sensory system is shutting down and the attention turning inward. While awake, we perceive through the senses; while asleep and dreaming we perceive through the mind’s imaginative abilities.