WBTB awaken before the alarm

Hi everyone, I’m new there.
I’m trying the WBTB, but somedays I woke up before the hour I selected for the alarm, like an half hour earlyer. So the question is: when it happens, it still work, or it only works if is the alarm that make me go out of bed?

Thanks a lot

well when you know you have to get up
your body will set a natural alarm pretty much
but you don’t have to worry about anything
it’s actually better to wake up in a more peaceful way

P.S. Welcome to ld4all tommy!

I set a timer for 5 hours 30 minutes when I go to sleep and I almost always wake up with about 30 minutes left on the timer. That corresponds with the middle of the 3rd REM period. I always feel very awake when I wake up and its actually pretty annoying when I try to WILD because I don’t feel very relaxed, I feel awake. Also, for MILD I have trouble falling back asleep…

This will even happen to me on nights that I don’t set my timer.

Any good ideas to help me get tired/back to sleep?


a simple trick to help you feel tired and relaxed, it works wonders.

Look up just a small amount. to find this point, look up till it hurts and then come back down a little so it doesnt hurt but you are not looking directly forwards, bout 45 degrees or a little less.

looking up like this causes your brain to surge with alpha waves, relaxing waves much like a gentle trance or daay dream, it will help clear your mind and make you sleepy too.

Give it a go.


Welcome to ldall, you will find a wealth of informaiton on this site and alot of people here that want to help you.

It doesnt matter if you wake up before the alarm goes off, the alarm will not make you lucid, its just a tool to help you get lucid,

If you wake up early so much the better, that way you will not have a starteled awekening. just get up read through your DJ or look over teh forum or just lye there and think about lucid dreaming for about 10 minutes or so. then get ready to go back to sleep, use the eye looking upwards trick i mentioned above and focus on entering a dream and becoming lucid , through mild or wild which ever you feel works better for you, have a look around through the stickies, there is a lot there and also the knowledge base.

If you need to know anything particular, feel free to ask.