WBTB no longer works

Well, I had my first LD in two years, out of nowhere, which got me thinking about how to go about having them intentionally again. Anyway, back two years ago I had some occasional success with the WBTB method. Problem is, it’s not working any more. At all.

Back then I was a sophomore in college with an 8:00 class MWF and no others until the afternoon. Being a night owl I’d go to bed at maybe 3 at night, then wake up, go to class, come home, and crash. I’d have an LD maybe once every 2-3 weeks under this schedule. What I just noticed is that my schedule this semester works the same way, and it hasn’t granted me any LDs. I have an 8:00 class and an 11:00 class on MWF, and some days I’ll do just what I did before: sleep 5 hours, go to class for an hour, then come back and sleep a couple more. The semester is almost over now and I haven’t gotten a single LD out of this (The one I just had was on Thursday).

So why would it just stop working like this? It’s a bit discouraging since it was the only technique I ever got to work in the first place.

No technique is guaranteed to work every single time, unfortunately. Part of it can be a change in your perspective on LD’s, your stress level, what you’re eating and any number of other factors. You’ve mentioned before that you have issues believing in MILD, so may I suggest you put a little twist on it?

Rather than tell yourself “tonight I’ll realize I’m dreaming” or something like that, try “tonight, at 4 a.m. I will do a reality check.” You see, our minds have a relatively accurate internal clock. How else can you train a soldier to wake themself up at a certain time? And, a timer is much easier to believe in than a cure-all mantra :content:. Furthermore, you don’t have to continuously repeat yourself into a circle of doubt. Just say it until you know your SC has the message.

I would also suggest you start doing reality checks throughout the day, as many as you can. Every time you do them, genuinely ask yourself whether this is all a dream or not. Even if you just did one but get the urge to do one again, do it. After all, couldn’t that last RC be a false memory?

Best of luck. If you have more questions, or I didn’t answer that one entirely just let us know, were all here to help :content:.

Edit: Of course, I mean to add all of this to your WBTB schedule. Oh, and try to get a good night’s sleep every now and again :tongue:. 9+ hours with an alarm or some sort after about 5.5 hours is recommended for vivid dreams.

Are you drinking anything during the time you wake up for your 8am class or afterwards before you lie back down?

Avoid coffee or any type of stimulant (caffene in Coke, Pepsi, etc).

And I have found that consuming a healthy, immune-boosting beverage before lying back down can invigorate and add clarity to my dream state.

Also pay attention to what you are eating if you are having breakfast during your short awake period. Don’t have a large meal with a ton of carbs and protein or you will just snooze away…

One of the best thing I found to do during my WBTB is to write the dreams I just had.

And warning: making too often WBTB is not efficient :neutral:

WBTB doesn’t seem to be as effective with me anymore either.
A tip though, is if you WBTB when your in that really tired state, you know where you’re groggy and cant really think properly, do FILD.

Okay, I really don’t know what to say any more. 30 minutes ago I woke up after chaining together no fewer than 5 LDs over a period of 2 hours. I swear, these things are about as predictable as the contents of my refrigerator (found a bag of moldy green bagels in there yesterday). Anyway, I might have been able to stay in for longer, but I knew I’d never remember everything if I kept going, so that’s when I got up and frantically typed everything I could into Notepad before the memories slipped away. But that’s something for the DJ forum; it’s WAY too long to write here. Whatever it was that happened, it was f’ing awesome!

All I did was: got 4 hours of sleep last night, got up and stayed on campus from 8 to 12, then came back, got on the internet, then got tired and hopped in bed around 1:30 with that “unable to stay awake” feeling while thinking that “okay, I’m seriously gonna do it this time”. Is that even a technique?

Congratulations Synneth! :clap:

That’s autosuggestion to me, simply dropping doubts and resolving to do it. Can wok wonders at unsuspected times ^^