WBTB - What do you do while awake?

I’ve been trying WBTB lately, and I was wondering: in WBTB, how long do you guys stay awake after you’re up, and what do you do in that time?

I’ve been unsure of what to do, lately, and I’ve been up between 10-20 minutes, usually.

So I was curious - what about you guys?

Does using your computer harm your WBTB success? What about watching things?

I usually turn my pc on, browse lucid dream forums and try to get excitement
by reading lucid dreams there about 15 minutes then i go back to bed. but oh well, i never had a lucid dream :sad:

Keep trying !

You can also do some RC’s and plan what you want to do in your next lucid dream so when you’ll get lucid, you will immediatly know what to do.

Not much: I go to the toilet, drink some water and then go back to bed :smile:

I write down and analyze the dream I just had, in the kitchen, in dim light with a cup of hot sugar-free cholocate milk, and then I plan the lucid dream I want to have when I go to sleep.

What to do and how long to do it your afterward success or not success will tell you exactly.

The key is time and experimentation. I will tell you, WBTB is the best way to become lucid if you combine it with WILD, there is almost 100% success rate, but only if you do it right.

There are just some days that are perfect for LD’ing and everything is going well and you can become lucid very easily, but these days are just the prof that it’s possible.

I wouldn’t recommend the PC, rather print something interesting and read it then sitting or laying before the monitor… If you don’t need much to wake up then just do what noobdreamer and Laurelindo said… There are natural non destructive ways of becoming awake and conscious!

Good luck! :content:

Thanks a lot for the help, guys =D I’ll avoid the computer, then, and see what works out.