WBTB - What to read ?

Im going to try to take my lding up again this summer and are planning to read ld stuff when wbtbing.

But i cant go to the comp.

ANy ideas on what to read ?

Some suggestions:

  • Books about Lucid Dreams (informative books can, but also stories about Lucid Dreams)
  • Your own DJ
  • You can also write something about Lucid Dreaming instaed of reading it.
  • Print something about Lucid Dreaming and read it, for example other people their Lucid Dreams

The Sandman comic series is one of my favourites, the same with Tolkien’s books. They cover themes that I usually dream about, and stories or people from the books are likely to turn up in a dream.

Perhaps Harry Potter :smile:

I’d suggest a book or magazine about dreaming or a book or magazine that has many of your dreamsigns in it.

I meant ld material to print out from the web :wink:

I have enough funny stuff to read :razz:

I still havent found a dreamsign of mine :sad:

Good question, I think a book about Lucid Dreaming might be a good idea, but that’s pretty obvious.

The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy? Nah, good book, but not LD’ish

I really don’t know.

I dont have an ld book :sad:

have you printed any pages from this site yet? www.ld4all.com some useful stuff there. :wink:

You could like print the LD wikibook, but it contains basically the same information as ld4all :razz:

Ibve read that site some times over and over :wink:

Hmmm. Read Martha Stewart’s summer cook book.

Yah if you have no LD-ish books to read, make some… Print Forums from internet, and other guides you can find about LDing. IF that is still to much trouble you could just go over the dreams in your dream journal. Actually I think reading your DJ is recommended by LaBerge. I am not sure though, I am too lazy to look it up. :tongue: