We need to get members back.

I just wander, There were a lot of members over the years here there are so many members that aren’t active anymore… We need to get these guys back here.
I need a more active forum,
and second. More members, probably more donates.


There isnt much we can do to get them back.
There are over 15000 members registered.
We are constantly gaining new members.
YOU need a more active forum?
This is an an active forum, there are new posts every hour.

Usually there are no more than 15 registered members online at a time.
I think we need more… Much more. :>

It’s not actually active.
There are much more active forums with less members.

You can’t get the old members back.
You can’t send them PM’s, cause they don’t visit this site anymore.

Most of them lost interest in LDs, or they don’t have the time for that.

If this is the case then we should try to find new people and make them interested in lucid dreams.

We get old members returning all the time. In the gathering we have a topic for them to announce their return.

Just a note … a lot of members doesn’t equal a good forum.

Plus how would you feel if you had to take a few months away and was bombarded with annoying emails to return?

Thing is- When people come here it’s to discuss Lucid Dreaming and topics surrounding. It’s not all that interesting after a while. For newcomers it’s great to have a forum with guides and a place to ask questions- For after a while when you don’t have any questions left to ask, this place kind of sinks down. But we’re constantly getting new people here, and we got plenty of veterans who pretty much run this place, so I’m not sure we need much change.

An idea though might be to create some more “General” subforums, for people to discuss things aside from Lucid Dreaming.

Well, MovieMe, I ran out of questions a long time ago, but I’m still here.

We DO have general subforums!

Garden of Creation.
Not to mention the wolfgame forum too.

Then tell me, what do you mean with this?

There are a lot more members online just watching the threads and reading them than actually post in them. These “veteran” members do visit the forum, but not as often as when they were new. This is nothing you can stop, some of the members do return one day :wink:

I don’t know about getting old members back. In a sense, they’re here. The search function can be a great friend — really. Should you find something you really need to discuss with its original author, send a PM, wait. They won’t respond? Then you try an email or adding their MSN, should that info be available. No success? Ask a moderator, or an old time member, for help: they might be able to help you or to at least point you in the right direction.

Like a DreamViews member. :grin:

I’m back! :happy: Haven’t been here for almost 2 years.

Did kinda lose interest in lucid dreaming, however I had a short pre-lucid dream this night, even looked at the clock and the time it showed didn’t make any sense… But I didn’t notice anyway, because I’m not really in training.

This has motivated me to try more again, I’ll also try to visit this forum again more often.

A lot of forums are like that, people join and are very active for a few days and then forget about it and never go back. They should really combine ld4all and dream views. The forums are basically the same, and then we’d have more members.

I wouldnt say that. If ld4all and dreamviews are merged together there could be a risk this atmosphere of the community disappears :meh: and think how many forums Q has to control. I cant deny there are good things with DW that ld4all hasnt, but Q always works with developing this forum :wink:

And like moogle said, Quality doenst have with the number of members to do :no:

I dont understand, why do you want more members? :shrug:

I’d like to make a note about those “requests” for new members to the forums:

This forum, as far as I’m concerned, isn’t a mission of lucid dreaming. It doesn’t exist solely to increase the size of the lucid dreaming community. As such, it welcomes new members warmly, but it will not aggressively try and make people stay, or apply changes that are only meant to do that.
Yes, this forum isn’t only about lucid dreaming - In fact, you can be completly un-interested in lucid dreaming and enjoy it, but it is not a casual forum. It is a lucid dreaming forum (Recommended for people who are interested [Right now, not in the past or in the future] in lucid dreaming) with casual topics in it. The forums does not seek to be “the best/grandest forum on the internet”. It seeks to help those who wish to lucid dream and chat, with lucid dreaming first.

Hope I made myself clear without offending anyone and without speaking too much nonsense. I take full responsibility for all that is written above, which may or may not suit the administration’s beleifs. Hope you found it useful.

Lucid dreaming is a general topic, it’s not like a video game that people loose interest in after 3 years or something. Lucid dreaming and the interest in it will probably never ceize to exist.
And it’s a good forum for that topic, I don’t see why this forum would drop dead any time soon.

I agree with TwilightDreamer.

I love this community as I’ve mentioned on my topic " LD4all is the Best!" and this is the first forum I have truly stuck to and enjoyed for months now and have no plans to stop because for me Lucid Dreaming has become a huge part of my life. It has opened a door to a whole other world inside of myself that I finally have been handed the key to. I thank LD4all and the community for supporting my journey and the exploration of this new exciting world. I also like that when someone responds to a topic I have started or commented on I get as email that lets me know about it as do the old inactive memebers. So as far as needing new members, we get them all the time maybe they just arn’t talking about the perticullar subjects your interested in. Look around and make friends on diffrent topics and your post page will be full of topics to comment on everyday. I would not want LD4all to change the way it presents it’s self to the public because I think it does a fine job the way it is right now, its there to help you if you know what your looking for! If your ready for the key. :content: Thanks for reading :wink:

already did :smile:

Most of them lost interest in LDs, or they don’t have the time for that.

who doesent have time for dreams? :grin:
but ya, i kind of lost interest a while back, it happens after a while :eek: