Weird experience while trying MILD.

This morning I woke up and was doing MILD. It was like I was half asleep and half awake, because I knew I was trying to sleep but everything was black because my eyes were closed, but I started hearing a conversation between two people. They were talking about eggs I think. Anyone ever had this happpen?

It happens to me often when I go to sleep but, not when I wake up…

Yes, sometimes i hear people talking also. It’s just when i start to fall to sleep.

That’s quite common. It’s called hypnagogic hallucinations and you may have them when falling asleep, for instance during a WILD try. There are a lot of threads about this on the forum. I’ll try to find a few of them.

Yeah, I get that too. Although I can’t become lucid, I sometimes do hear people talking. Sometimes I can get whole crouds of people, but sometimes it’s only one or two people. They’re mostly voices of people I know, just talking about anything. Sometimes they just say one word.

I never hear another’s people’s voices, I only hear my thought, or my voice in my mind, of course they are sometimes at random like it wasn’t me who is talking