Weird Experience

O.k so I was up till about 6 this morning after waking up at 11 and I kind of Went into a WILD when I was nodding of and this came as a complete surprise because I wasnt even attempting it, I could feel my body being paralyzed and It was like I was being shaken and I found it hard to pull myself into a dream and it was as tho I was in a line between dreaming and being awake, It was a very weird experience

Anyone know how this happened?

Hi spike101!
Did you go into a WILD voluntarily or unvoluntarily? And did you manage to enter a dream?

[color=green]Hi spike

It might be that you may have been thinking about something or just having a blank mind. Like, you were trying to sleep but not trying to count ur breathing either. WILD is basically when you are concious while ur body sleeps. So yes it is possible that you were WILD 'ing without even thinking :smile:[/color]

Today I also almost WILDed without even realizing I was doing it until my awareness was shaken by strong vibrations. Yes these things sometimes happen, but it’s so much more fun if you do it consciously from the start… otherwise you might indeed end up pretty surprised if you suddenly become aware of it in the middle of SP :smile:

It was involunteraly and it happened again this morning, it was really wierd as I kind of kept going in and out of lucidity

It seems you experienced a sleep paralysis episode. It’s not really WILD’ing, it’s a sleep trouble and it happens to about 1 person in 6. It’s not dangerous at all and you can use it in order to enter a lucid dream.
There are a lot of threads about this on the forum.