Weird feeling

Well, every memory I can ever remember is in 3rd-person, I think in third person, and most of the time I dream in third person.(at least I don’t talk in third person.) Every once in a while I get a strange feeling like my body is just a tool that I am experiencing for the first time in my life. My mind just sort of drifts away and I have no idea what the hell I’m doing. Anyone know what’s up?

Do you mean memories of dreams, or of real life also?
Sometimes I dream in the third person, but thats about it.

Sometimes looking back our memories seem to be from, say, a birds eye view. A memory of graduation, for instance, might be recalled from a 3’rd person perspective- your remembered self but a part of this larger event. In such a case like that, its as if the event is the prominent memory, not so much your 1’st person view of it.

i cannot remember from first person or even visualize in first person… (usually)

I dream in first person though, but I also have a lot of third person dreams, usually relating to movies.

I’m not sure if we remember ourselves in third person because we watch too much tv/movies… or if it’s something psychological…

but if I try to remember what it’s like to ride a rollercoaster (not that i have a good memory at all)… and I try to picture myself sitting down… it’s hard to see what I saw in first person, usually my imagination just fills in the blanks from a third person perspective…

or like … I tried to see myself putting a lapbar on, and I saw it from “first person” but it was more from like a camera angle tilted downward, as if I were inside my chest or something, not actually sitting down… hmm.

are you a horrible visualizer, or do you have bad vision?
I am, and I do… I’m curious if it has to do with the visual cortex being underdeveloped or something.

I am a bad visualizer, but my vision is fine.

whenever you’re focusing intensely on something else, watching the tv, or even daydreaming, it’s natural to sort of forget your “self”/ego, isn’t it? what with all that alpha brainwave frequency jargon and such.

i suppose thinking in third person is an understandable, if not entirely usual, progression.

Interesting point.
I remember reading about a study on how people who grew up watching black and white television recalled past events in black and white. Since TV and Films are almost aways third person, and some of us watch a lot of TV and Films, maybe thats why.

Sorry to bump this, but I’ve made some new discoveries for the topic. Every once in a while, when the experience thing happens, it feels as though everything is clearer, but a little darker looking. Imagine the difference you see between 3d animation and the real world. That is the difference I get, everything is just more real. When it happens, I also feel the need to touch everything within reach. Any ideas?