WG Type Thing Linky :P

This is so cool! My friend just sent me a link to a movie that stars ‘The Wolf’. (I made my avvie before I found out about this.) It reminds me a lot of WG. The game even involves dreams. Check it out! :cool_laugh:

Cry_Wolf (Be sure to watch the trailer!)

Kinda freaks you out to talk to me now, huh? :razz:

:scared: /me is afraid to watch it :tongue:

/me casts Fearless on Q.

what do you mean “like the wolfgame”, it IS the wolfgame!


they only don’t have a Seer/Sorc…

/me goes check it out :wolf:

allright checked
it’s a fast paced version of the wolfgame, quite fun :smile:

you can start your own game and make it private, or play with online AOL members (not recommended :tongue: )

so what do you say, let’s do a LD4all round :grin:

you need to have or make an AOL account for it. You don’t have to d/l or install AOL only create an account :smile:

Ooh, a movie based on Wolfgame! I hope it comes to Sweden, because I want to see it. Then people might understand my obsession with wolfgame better. :tongue:

Wow, hmmm, wonder where they got it from? I’m definitly up for a round after this weekend.

it’s very fast, 5 or 10 minutes. it’s chat based and you drag the player icons to vote.

Hmmm, so tempting!..I wonder if I can get away with it at work? :grin:

lol :smile:
it’s got background music so be sure to turn of your sound :tongue:

i’m in the chapel, join me in the LD4all game (wait until you are invited) :grin:

It seems like this is a fun game
Have anyone tried it yet?

yup i tried it with persons that where there, but i want to play it with you guys :happy:
you need at least 7 players to start one.

the fact that it is AOL has put me right off :sad:

i got an AOL account just to be able to play that :help: I’m not an addict
You only make an account, for the rest don’t download aol etc.

I’m starting one in the chapel now if anyone would like to join. :smile: (my sn is LoboGatos and the name is Wolf’s WolfGame) Tell me your sns so I can add you. :cool:

my sn is magnusvalentin

I made it an open game, so feel free to join. Just tell me who you are when you come in though.