What are some of your personal dreamsigns? Part II

By observing other people’s DJ’s I can tell that NOT dying is a common dreamsign. They run from something or fall and instead of dying something else happens.

That is right on! I often find myself in all these situations. The teeth thing is also completely right on. Sometimes when I worry about things in general I dream of my teeth turning into sand or something like that, falling off. That makes me even more worried (during the dream).

Personally, I die quite frequently in my dreams. I get shot, fall down, get blown away from explosives, fall from planes, eaten by monsters or animals. The pain feels real too so it’s often a very bad nightmare.

Another common dream sign that I heard from friends and relatives, that I also experience often if I might add, is that elevators crash, or that you fall and fall and fall somewhere but never hit ground.

Interesting post.

Once in a dream, I ran from a nuclear bomb, took cover in an old house not that far away and BAM! I couldn’t see the explosion but I heard it and then I felt the pressure wave ripping me apart, it really hurt and I couldn’t breath.

When I was first LD’ing, People were battling me and i couldnt fight back.I felt the pain and i couldnt breath. Then thats when i wake up

So I’m pretty new here, but after reading through the dream signs page, i realize i have a lot of those common ones. Problem is so far I haven’t been able to actually become lucid as a result of them. They usually feel so real to me, i just think they are.
I’ve had the teeth falling out (very unpleasant and scary), the house looking different, floating/flying.

Cool, I kept reading and I must be getting close because I have lots of false awakenings and telling people of my dreams while I’m dreaming.

I have some dreamsigns now:

  • Space is a big one, space travel in particular. (Though sometimes I’m just in space watching planets).

  • School usually becomes a dreamsign for me at the end of each schoolyear, and it’s really frustrating to start dreaming about failing tests/having to do tests etc. When you’ve finally finished it all.

  • Temper problem, I go way to far with swearing, smashing and hitting people in dreams, afterwards I feel guilty for doing so. I’m always relieved to wake up from such a dream :cool_laugh:

I’m having trouble with dream signs, or maybe I’m just having trouble with the concept.

Otherwise, I have a nice stack of dreams in my dream journal, but there’s really no common or recurring dream sign.

Honestly, how do you figure it out?

Do I really need to include more detail, because as it is my dreams are already at least 1-3 pages long.

  1. funky sideways moving malfunctioning fast dropping levitation inducing elevators

  2. creepscapes - use your imagination

  3. mirrors

  4. driving or walking in the middle of an open highway

  5. inability to move or see

  6. a good joke

-bronzed percalating cheddar pops

I also have a lot of dreams about school although I just graduated and don’t go there anymore.

I just realized half of my recent dreams took place at the same place. It’s a road that I run on every day. Would this be considered a dreamsign?

The only one I can think of is having my mom come in to wake me up and I’m either reading or writing. I bury the book and pencil under the pillow, but when I look, they aren’t there.

I actually just noticed from a dream last night that the lighting often doesn’t match up. IE: It was 9 PM, should be getting dark just after sunset, but it was as bright as noon.

I’ve also had a lot of school dreams over summer or other breaks/holidays. I think that one is pretty common with a lot of people though :tongue:

This remembers me a dream that I have once. It was 3:00 PM and the sun was already set. The sensation was weirder than weird. And the dream seemed so real !

Computer viruses. :hide: Each and every time I use a computer in a dream, it gets infected by a virus. (dream electronics work strangely, and when programs go weird, I look for an explanation, one supplied quickly by the dream antivirus software) :tongue:

Fantasy-related things. I often dream about dragons, mages and such. i also often dream of my old school (i’m still in school, but we moved a year ago.)

Most of my dreams are set at the first house that I lived in. I lived there from when I was born until about 2 years ago. I never dream about my new house, yet dreaming about the old house seems so normal to me that I don’t even recognise it until I’ve woken up. So frustrating… it would probably be easy to LD if I could just pick up on that while I’m dreaming.

I think it’s my family… can’t really do RC’s with it… :<

I’m beginning to think my dream sign is Halo 3 (Video Game) After I started recording my dreams, about 3/7 dreams had Halo 3 in them…

My major dream sign is that I usually have my family or friends in my dreams.

Common ones:
friends who I rarely see anymore
being back at school
elements from a movie/TV episode I’ve watched that night (or an earlier night)

Occasional ones: Spiders, dinosaurs…

Monsters,all sort of stuff in a large amount,being unable to talk,not feeling pain,falling,3rd person view,blank landscape,not remembering how i got in the place of the action.

I once dreamed i was being chased by cobras,like,a million of them invaded the town centre,and i was there,so i started running,i hid myself in holes i knew weren’t there before.Soon i realised it was a dream,but i still kept running:D
Another time,i dreamt there was a giant dude,or monster(i don’t remember)with a blade(sword,knife…don’t remember)and i ran from him.He eventually cought up with me and hit me…no pain.Then i said"hey,this is a dream!"And stopped.The creature began making stabbing combos on my erect,relaxed body…lol
Another timei dreamed i was back to school(it was the summer vacation).
It was a horror,i had no homework.I bareley realised it was a drea…don’t remember how.
Once i dreamed i killed a classmate with 2 long toothpicks…i was in trouble.But then i saw myself on the street where my school is…dream
I once dreamed my mom killed herself…with a vase :neutral: but then i realised,the vase was changing colours.
Just dreams…kinda crazy…but dreams:P

Everytime i’m having a nightmare,i think:“Hey,last thing i did:went to bed…how the **** did i get here anyways?I don’t remember coming…sighdreamwhew!