What are the stages of sleep?

I hear people mentioning what they accomplish during the first-fourth stage of sleep, but I found myself wondering: What are they? Please help answer my quick question! Thanks :content:

pretty easy. first stage of sleep is light sleep. this is the period where you get the hypnagogic imagry’n all that good stuff. in this stage ur brain is producing alpha waves. second stage of sleep is REM sleep, which is where you dream :stuck_out_tongue: . the brain produces beta waves in this period. the third phase is deep sleep, where you have the least amount of brain activity and when most of your bodie’s regeneration occures. delta waves are produced in this state. if i’ve made any mistakes anyone (which i most likely have because i’m no expert :stuck_out_tongue: )please correct. hope this helped saphira

Bah… you said it all wrong. Saphira, look on Wikipedia sleep article.

Thanks wanderer. Good Idea I’ll look on Wikapedia.

or look at the main site :smile: what->sleep.

Thats where I learnt them :content:

Thanks! The main site proved to be useful. :3