What are your tips for performing RCs consistently?

It seems like I could go a whole hour and completely forget about doing a reality check. Everything else is being worked on, but my reality checking is lagging behind.

What do you guys suggest? :smile:

Get a digital watch or something that beeps every hour :smile: I never forget to RC. I still haven’t got an LD though, but that is because I’m not remembering my dreams too often ( No time for DJ now). You might hear the beep in a dream, and perform an RC, and there you have your LD :smile:

It might be even more effective if you try to perform a Reality Check just before it starts ringing, that way you have to keep reminding yourself about it, which essentially gives you some training in Prospective Memory. :content:

Or draw a spot on your hand, every time you look at it do a RC, or even write RC on it.
After a while it should become natural to do RCs even without the spot.

I try to RC every time I change place like everytime I pass a doorstep. It help me a lot and now it’s a habit !

Well this one is hard I have to say. You have to find a way to remind yourself to RC. It’s like going to school or a work, how come you don’t forget that? (well it may happen sometimes :wink: :tongue: )

It’s something important and you just don’t forget it, when you make lucid dreams important then you will not forget therefore you will remember! :content: