What Book Are You Reading? — Part IV

The odessy and the illiad are books that i would recomend to anyone, they are two of the books that i believe should be read by everyone.

At the moment i am reading, Europe a history.

Its the size of a text book but its worth the read, interesting and informative.

Sadly its true :sad:

nooo! The Odyssey!

Calypso owns all!

so there :razz:

anyway, i’ve read them both and they are both awesome, but i like The Odyssey better, more fantasy.

Also, although they are two seperate stories, doesn’t the Odyssey basically pick up where the Iliad leaves off, at the destruction of Troy? Anyway, that doesn’t matter

hell, read them both… but Calypso pwns all :razz:

The Odyssey starts pretty much after the Trojan war and its mostly about the trip back to Ithaca (I read the whole book recently in English class…The cyclopes is just freaky in the movie).

Christopher Paolini (author of Eragon/Eldest) announced on his website that he was going to have to put the trilogy into four books instead of three. I’m reading Eldest right now because I completely forgot about the second book, I was anxious to get it when I read Eragon but I forgot all about in the two years in between.

but I like the realism more. Which is better a typical story about one charcter trying to save father/princess/whatever. or a story about a huge war with plenty of characters.

Oh yeah about the wheel of time (omg there is 12 books?!?!?!?, he can’t prolong the final battle that long) Robert Jordan’s widow has picked an author for the series.


to say the Odyssey is a typical story is a bold claim.

The Odyssey isn’t about trying to save a princess. It’s about Odysseus at the end of the Trojan war, who claims he doesn’t need the god. This angers Posiden, who vows that Odysseus will never return to his home until he takes it back, or dies.

Thus begins the epic of TYhe Odyssey, which takes Odysseus all around the world (or the world according to the greeks), and literally to hell and back

it’s facinating.

I thought that the reason that Posiden was angry with Odysseus was that he and his men stabbed his son in the eye (a.k.a. the cyclops)

I just finished reading the Ranger’s Apprentice series (the first three that are in the U.S.) and I read the first book Faerie Wars. They are both good, but Ranger’s Apprentice is … for lack of a better phrase, extremely much better (yes, I know, horrible grammar).

I am actually just about to start reading Enders Game! I didn’t know there were seven though…

Also I finished His Dark Materials a month ago and it was one of those books that I hate because they end… Are there really going to be more?

EDIT: kT4all: Yes, that is the reason supplied by the Odyssey, and it was also probably the reason why Poseidon was as angry as he was, but at the end of the Iliad (or at least after the end of the Iliad, before the beginning of the Odyssey (a horrible representation of it is at the end of the movie Troy I think)) Odysseus shouts out to the ocean that he won the war and essentially scorns the gods.

Hmm, with all of you reading Ender’s Game, I might pick it up myself. My good friend Lowell has been literally commanding me to read that book - it’s just that good, I guess. I’ve also had a few people tell me that I am similar to Ender, in my personality. /me wonders if that’s a good thing. :razz:

So in English class today we started Lord Of The Flies. I’ve already read it a few years ago, and, starting it today, had a rather ‘Meh’ attitude. It’s an awesome book, but I feel like we should have read it a few years ago, when I did: it’s a book more for that age, in my opinion. Ah well. It’s still very entertaining, reads very quickly, too! :smile:

Cyclop isn’t the son of Posseidon! The reason Posseidon is chasing Odysseus is because he commited the crime of hybris, that is, he— you know what? explaining Greek culture is not what you people must be looking forward to in this topic. :razz: Just say Odysseus kind of compared himself to a god in that he failed to acknolwedge his condition as human aand… leave it at that. So there, Posseidon is after Odysseus because he kind of compared himself to a god. Which in the Ancient Greek society is very serious anyway.

Myself, right now, I’m reading a contemporary detective story called Operação P-2 (Operation P-2), second book published by a girl who studied with me, friend of mine and a brilliant person. Great book! I’m hooked.

henri bergson - dreams
Alice in wonderland :lol:
A dreamers tales
How to use your mind …
All on my cellphone !!!

Speaking of detective stories, I’m about half way through the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes short stories. But I had to stop reading them because of so much other reading I was doing for school :sad:

actually… the cyclops WAS the illegitimate son of possiedan (at least if i remember correctly, it’s been a while) so that just made him more angry o.o

but not to get off topic… still plowing through The Fountainhead, which is well written but easy to put down. I mean it’s starting to pick up it’s pace a bit but it tends to drag on once in a while, and although the charaters are cool, only NOW (at page almost 300 i think) is Dominique really starting to develop, and Roark is still a really unbelievable character, even if he’s the protagonist.

Also, someone i highly overlooked, and i can’t remember the particular name of the poem, is Robert Frost… oh, i don’t want to type the whole thing out, but i found i like his poetry a lot more than i thought i did! Many of the poems i HAD read by him seemed… all about snow. Snow or trees. Not that those are bad, oh no, but they did not at all interest me XD

And what to read next? i dunno, i’ll prolly pick up The Sirens of Titan by Vonnegut.

Wait, make that Timequake

I’m not actually reading them right now (as I’ve already finished them, but may re-read them) but has anyone heard of the Ishmael series? Three of my all-time favorite books:
The Story of B
My Ishmael

Ishmael, I have split feelings about it. I agree with many of its ideas and most of its conclusions — but the way it arguments in favour of them, it’s fallacious, it’s rhetoric. Put short, I agree with the ends, and yet I can’t help but notice the means are unjustifiable. Lying to the reader.

Not in the earlier manuscripts :grin:

Cyclops was son of Gea, mother earth (I spelled it wrong, it is four letters)

Legions of space - by keith laumer

Ender’s game looks pretty stupid, but I have never read it so I can’t dis it yet.

short question… what is enders game all about ?
also… does somebody know if there is a digital version of EWLD to buy somewhere ?