What Book Are You Reading? - Part VII

I’m currently reading “Fantastic Voyage - Live Long Enough to Live Forever” by Ray Kurzweil (the same who wrote “The Singularity is Near”) and Terry Grossman, M.D from 2004. It’s a book about Kurzweil and Grossman’s “Radical Life Extension” techniques, e.g. how to avoid common degenerative diseases (cancer, diabetes, cardiac diseases).

The idea is, if you manage to live until 2050-2100, you have (so the authors think) a pretty good chance to live very long, or indeed forever, since progress in the areas of biotechnology, medicine, nanotechnology and artificial intelligence (related to the concept of the “Technological Singularity”) will eventually help us to end aging.

I’m still at the beginning, but it’s an interesting read (at least for someone who isn’t convinced of an afterlife or similar concepts). Despite the over-the-top title, the described approach seems to be quite scientific (with sometimes Kurzweil beeing the research subject), which is no wonder, since Kurzweil is pretty famous as a computer scientist.

I got withdrawal :scared: when I finished reading my last Tom Holt book…

so I paid a visit to the library and have started on
Earth, Air, Fire and Custard by the same author

and have Fishy Wishes ready to read :grin:

I’ve read the first part of this book before but it was a while ago so I will enjoy re-reading it. :content:

“mending the past and healing the future with soul retreival” by Alberto Villoldo, Phd. Very interesting stuff…
Also “awakening the Buddha within” by Lama Surya Das.
I love books…

“The Joy of Living” by Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche, where buddhism philosophy meets modern western science.

I’m reading the Alex Rider series… I’m on book 3… “Skeleton Key”

I finished “Point Blanc” 2 days ago and “Stormbreaker” 4 days ago!

Next book is “Eagle Strike” then “Scorpia” and “Ark Angel” Eventually “Snakehead” so far… after there is going to be “Crocodile Tears” and then the next two are untitled. Great series for anyone <16 years so… If you can find it, give it a read!

On Hitler’s Mountain by Irmgard A. Hunt.

I’m enjoying the different perspective.

Finally , yes FINALLY ! …
I am currently reading Stephen King’s
The dark Tower Series (finished the 1th book in about 3 days :spinning: )
When i get my hands on The “Mistborn” cyclus i will read it alongside King i think …

So yeah… I’ve finished Skeleton Key, Eagle Strike, Scorpia, and Ark Angel…

Now I’m reading Snakehead!

The series has gone from 12-14 to 14-17ish
More adult-ish themes…

Finished book 3 two days ago … hungering for more :wink: :hyper:

Recently finished Romeo and Juliet, will be reading Jane Austen next. :content:

After a year of on and off reading i finally finished The Dark Tower series. It’s gotta be my favorite series ever. heh.

I actually started reading an author i never thought i would: Virginia Woolf. I just never was interested in the subject materal, but I picked up Orlando begrudgingly because i hadn’t read any Virginia Woolf and because i heard it involved a transformation, which is always cool.

I’m enthralled. I haven’t read any literature in a more romantic style in a while, and it’s a nice break from the more modern styles i’ve been reading lately. Her style really reminds me of Mary Shelly (for whatever reason), and even though i’m not far into it i already give it a whopping reccommendation.

Orlando is one of the greatest books I’ve ever read. Shame it’s the only one by Virginia Woolf that I would passionately recommend, all others are… I don’t know. Dated, or simply too British to classify as “World Literature” or whatever you might call it. But Orlando!.. it’s like they x-rayed my soul (a part of it anyway) and put it in a book.

Right now I’m reading A Mathematical Theory of Communication by that guy I forgot the name, from Bell Labs, Biografía del Diablo (“Biography of the Devil”) by an Argentinian who lives in Spain, called Alberto Cousté, and of course An Icelandic Primer by a certain mr Sweet.

Reading “the 39 clues” and “the google story” over my friend’s shoulder!

Interesting books!

I’m reading The Great Gatsby and am just in love with it, honestly. The wonderfully unashamed indulgence of the 1920’s: it’s magical, at least how it’s portrayed and critiqued in this book. Its…surrealism, really - although not really surreal, that’s just how it comes off to me - is incredible. I mean, it gives me this feeling of a dream, in a way. I want to meet Daisy, haha. I love this book to death.

Also reading Crome Yellow, written by Aldous Huxley, written around the same time as The Great Gatsby.

And soon, Pedro Páramo, which I must write about for school.

Just finished this pretty interesting book called The Hamlet Diaries

I started reading You Don’t Know Me by David Klass earlier. I really liked it a lot more the first time. Thinking of ditching it and reading Along Came a Spider.

Gotta love those charity book sales, I got so many books for like nothing!!! :content:

Nice :smile:
Wizard and glass (since the 20.2 ) I’m halfway through.

Sergey Lukyanenko
Day Watch

A collection of Lovecraft stories
<-----Lovecraft fan

I JUST finished Brisinger. That is Christopher’s BEST book yet. I can’t wait for the 4th one. I hope it ends with Arya becoming a rider.

Yeah that book was amazing! I’m so glad that there’s a fourth one coming :content:

Currently rereading A Game of Thrones by George RR Martin. Just refreshing my memory for when book 5 comes out!

Aristotle’s Rhetoric.

Margery Wilson’s Pocketbook of Etiquette.

Ch. S Peirce’s Collected Papers.

Try to figure out the trend. :smile: