What do you make of this

I stumbled across this Youtube video, and I dont know what to think of it. Its so weird. It looks like a 12 foot tall cat standing streight up flying in the air. What the hell is it?

youtube.com/watch?v=spex4N-a … re=related

it’s longcat’s nemesis, tacgnol!

he’s come to finally bring about the chaotic catnarok!

seriously though, it’s an internet joke made into a clever photoshopped video.

heh. tacgnol.

i’m not making this up. look it up.

HOLY @#!$

That thing could’ve been made into a screamer, I swear. Nearly had me jump out of my chair. My eyes hurt. Stupid flashing lights…O.o

Although, really, it’s nothing. It’s just a Lolcat recolored to look evil, good internetz joke. If you search Lolcat on Photobucket, I think you come up with this city, and one LONGCAT that looks all holy and stuff, and then at the other side of the city it’s a LONGCAT that looks all evil…in fact, the exact same one in that video.

Good internetz joke, though it’s not real.

the evil longcat is named tacgnol.

get it right.


Alright… hides