What do your hands look like in your dreams?

Usually i don’t see my hands or my limbs at all. On the occations i do they are mostly normal, with the exception of my hair, teeth and umm manhood :wink:

My hair usually is different styles sometimes really cool ones lol, if ever focus is on my teeth they are breaking or falling out or i just can’t open my jaw. As for my manhood it’s sometimes normal, bigger, smaller - but my hands are nearly always normal, there was only one dream were they seemed different and that was after reading a post here about hands being weird in dreams.

I’ve had a huge eye on my palm staring at me, pretty cool :smile:
My hand has also had a small screen on it, it displayed some parts of what looked like a Simpson episode :eek:

Once, my hands were looking horrid, they were green and decomposed, I could see the bones.
Yet I see my hands when I’m rubbing them to gain stability. They look normal, but once, I had eight fingers !

Once when I looked at my hands, my six fingers changed into little snakes. Pretty freaky :smile: Usually though they look pretty normal, except when I concentrate on morphing them into all kinds of shapes.

My hands have been different each time-
Once, they were both transparent, and looked weird,
Another time I had like, 6 fingers,
Another time, they were all messed up…

Also, once I had a dream where I looked at my arm, and it was all split open and mangled up, and I could see the bones and veins and stuff, didnt get me an LD though, I just thought "nooo, my arm :sad: " lol

Ive never had messed up # of digits lol but then again ive never tried to count them from within the dream.

Thats a clever technique! :smile:

Dang, you guys experience some freaky-sounding stuff w/ your hands! eye in the palm?!?

Last night in an LD i looked at my hands and my right hand had all the fingers missing! So i had this blurry palm that was illuminated that made it look all the more weird. On an interesting note, IRL i have a cut on my middle finger and one on my thumb (both of them very grievous, def. gonna leave scars), and i remember thinking my hand slightly incapacitated because i had lost normal function. :bored:

haha usually i have odd numbers of fingers, and sometimes its just like impossible to count them. sometimes they look normal at first then just start changing shape. its pretty gross! lol - it helps me become lucid tho…

mine look INCREDIBLY odd. usually I have 12 fingers or so on each ahnd, and fingers branching off into multiple digits and such. its really weird.

MY hands alwyas seems fine in my dreams. BUt the one time I decided to count them, I Found out I had 3 more fingers at the end of each fingers :help:

Wow creepy dream hands you all have :eek: I once noticed my fingers behaved in the air like little streams of dye behave in water. Very strange, but it didn’t last for long.

In my first LD my hand looked like this, but more strange and sparkling. I don’t remember how many fingers I had.

I usually have extra fingers, and they bend in strange ways, like the perspective and direction of each finger and the whole hand changes in a strange way depending on the angle I look at it.

Hey Hallstrom ! Your funny anime could be a good way to induce LD ! Look at this for ten minutes and you will find your hands in your next dream ! :smile:

I’ll try that :content:

Sometimes my hands have deep wounds, broken bones etc. in my dreams. That sight has made me lucid more than once. The one time I counted my fingers in a LD, the hands looked normal, but I could feel 7 fingers on each hand. :eek:

if I look at my hands , i wake up. Almost always.

Ok, I just have to ask this here…I haven’t had a lucid dream yet but I’m interested in trying and well…doesn’t it scare you? To watch your hand morph and stuff? I know it can’t hurt you or anything but if I saw my hand mangled, even in a dream, I would…freak out. Thus quite effectively waking up completely. :confused:

Maybe I’m looking at it the wrong way, if I see my hand looking odd in a DREAM, maybe I won’t mind or even notice unless I do a reality check.

wow this topic has been resurected from the dead :eek: … but my hands appear normal in dreams, though once a DC did show me a reality check, where he shook his hands and then they like elongated and wiggle like paper :cool_laugh:

but to answer your question Adkit, it doesnt really scare you …well me, since i assume its just normal and carry on, you can also proceed to change your hand to normal once you are lucid though… if you wanted :grin:

My hands usually have 6 fingers in my dreams. Especially the left hand, by some odd reason. I use this as a RC and it has worked. :smile:

My nightmares frequently involves hands or fingers. In my dreams I have very small stubby fingers, or just ones taht dont work like they should, while other people have really long fingers that work almost too well, or tentacle-like things on their hands. and for some reason their long fingers scare me very badly.

The first time I LD from a RC was when I was about to get in a fight with this guy twice my size, so I looked at my hands… I saw 6 fingers and say Im dreaming!!! Grabed a pool stick and swang it at him.