What do your hands look like in your dreams?

Usually I have an extra figer, but i’ve had times where the fingers stretched, my hands melted, or the skin didn’t fit right.

Usually i have 6 or more fingers. This is the most successful RC I have so far. (look at my avatar)

I’m new to this and I am yet to have an LD but when I read this coloum It reminded me of a dream I had where each of my fingers had an extra joint on it, maybe if it happens again I’ll notice and “go lucid” heres hoping! :content:

they look lizard like i guess. and i see like the individual layers that make up my hand move all independently. like moving and flwoing without my control.

I never hand RC, but its cool that you get LD of that :tongue:

I don’t have hands usully. It’s like the’re invisible. They still act like hands and all, I just can’t see them.

that sounds kind of like my non-lucid dreams, I thought it was telekineses, but now that I think of it, it could have been that my hands were invisible and my arms could do that loony toons thing, where they stretch to like a mile long.

The only time I’ve counted my fingers in my dream my hands looked perfectly normal, only missing a finger. Though when I re-counted them there were ten fingers so I didn’t get lucid :wallhit:

My hand are usually normal, except the right hand has got six fingers. Once there were so many fingers on each hand that I didn’t bother counting because I got lucid anyway. In my most recent LD, I became lucid when my hand had six fingers and was flat like a pancake.

The hand RC usually works for me. :smile:

My hands are usually just my hands. With the exception of dreams where I’ve taken a different shape, they look exactly like they do when I’m awake

They vary from dream to dream. Sometimes I have too many, sometimes I have too few, one time I had 3 hands. Or like last night, they’ll often appear “ghostly,” more or less, and be somewhat translucent. I’ve even seen them the wrong color a few times. It’s actually pretty interesting to look at them most of the time.

Well I have only done the hand RC in a dream twice, and I didn’t get lucid either time, but it was interesting. The first time they looked normal but there was a white rectangle covering the middle 2 fingers that I can best describe as resembling a graphics bug in a video game. The other time my pointer and middle finger were wrapped around each other and stuck that way.

My hands mostly look normal, except that my thumbs are on the opposite sides of my hands. :smile:

I usually don’t look at my hands, the one time i did it was like a fleshy flame

at the only time I have looked at my hands in my dream they looked like normal (didn’t count fingers) but little bit darker and smaller … but I think I didn’t see my arms :eek:
oh … and everything else was very blurry at the time I focused to my hand … :neutral:

Seems to vary a lot, but the most common thing is an extra finger (looking like a nastily mutated hand), then a missing finger, and once I had a skeletal hand.

Just a few days ago, I had a LD with an OBE, and when I looked at my hands they were very thin, almost transparent and the index was almost wrapped around the other finger.

You know, I could have sworn I replied to this thread like a million years ago, but I guess not. Either way, the only time my hands were noticeably odd in a dream, they were invisible. I could still feel that they were there, but there was just an empty space at the ends of my sleeves. If I focused my eyes funny, like the way you look at those magic eye pictures, I could see faint outlines as if the near-invisible images were overlapping just enough to barely perceive them.

On a non-visual note, though, I often stick my fingers through the palms of my hands as a RC. Feels pretty cool in both hands.

I only looked at them in 1 LD, but I didn’t notice anything weird. I forget to count my fingers, so can’t tell if the number was wrong. :tongue:

in the two LD`s i have had so far, my hands have looked the same.
they were blurry,and had the same shape as my RL hands, except i had a small twisted finger growing from my middle finger.