What do your hands look like in your dreams?

at the only time I have looked at my hands in my dream they looked like normal (didn’t count fingers) but little bit darker and smaller … but I think I didn’t see my arms :eek:
oh … and everything else was very blurry at the time I focused to my hand … :neutral:

Seems to vary a lot, but the most common thing is an extra finger (looking like a nastily mutated hand), then a missing finger, and once I had a skeletal hand.

Just a few days ago, I had a LD with an OBE, and when I looked at my hands they were very thin, almost transparent and the index was almost wrapped around the other finger.

You know, I could have sworn I replied to this thread like a million years ago, but I guess not. Either way, the only time my hands were noticeably odd in a dream, they were invisible. I could still feel that they were there, but there was just an empty space at the ends of my sleeves. If I focused my eyes funny, like the way you look at those magic eye pictures, I could see faint outlines as if the near-invisible images were overlapping just enough to barely perceive them.

On a non-visual note, though, I often stick my fingers through the palms of my hands as a RC. Feels pretty cool in both hands.

I only looked at them in 1 LD, but I didn’t notice anything weird. I forget to count my fingers, so can’t tell if the number was wrong. :tongue:

in the two LD`s i have had so far, my hands have looked the same.
they were blurry,and had the same shape as my RL hands, except i had a small twisted finger growing from my middle finger.

In the lucid dream I had after the eclipse, I looked at my hands and they were bent up and twisted. They were really F’d up and I had an extra middle finger.

About the same but with more fingers - my reality check :smile:

I usually just have 6-8 fingers… not looking like a normal hand with it… it just looks proper with the extra fingers.

My hand has never looked out-of-the-ordinary, just with a few supernumerary digits

The only time I ever got a look at my hands was when they appeared blurry and I was able to put my finger through them.

They were more watery, now that I look back on it.

My hands look perfectly normal, but I can put a finger through them as well.

I constantly look at them inside LDs, somehow they help me to keep focus.

Sometimes extra fingers stick togheter

Mostly with more fingers, but only once I had hands exactly like Na’vi people had in Avatar…

Nowadays like normal, but I havent observed them that much, I tend to RC through walls :tongue:

i can never remember…

Wow just found this website so this is my first post :smile: I didn’t realise so many people have weird visuals with hands and fingers. Last night I used my hands to wake me up from a nightmare however that made it worse. I had 6 fingers and they were all blurry like an old VHS tape then I heard really loudly “MY HANDS” and woke up rather freaked out.

The few times I’ve seen my hands in my dreams it brought forth lucidity instantly. I find they are blurry at first but look very much like my waking hands. No extra fingers but they do seem to be illuminated, like they have a glow to them.

Checking hands was one of my first RCs I tried and the result was bothering ^-^"
My hands always look the same. No difference at all, that’s why I gave that RC up >.>

Most of the time I have extra fingers in dreams. Once my hand was paper thin, another time my hand was like weightless liquid.

My hand has also been normal, but then I make extra fingers appear to confirm I’m in a dream. :happy:

I was dreaming last night and I looked at my hands; at first I saw six fingers, then nine, then twelve, then I saw that the last segment was cut off of my middle finger and it had a jack o’lantern on the end! Only was conscious for a few seconds and then slipped away. I also tried sticking my finger through my opposite hand and I pushed my finger through with a sickening pulling of the empty membrane that was my palm and a crunch as the membrane split, very unnerving.