What does mean the number after you nickname ?

A lot of people have a number following their nickname. Like gizmo656, for instance. Do you know if it has a particular meaning ? Or is it a random number that they choose ?

ME? Are you talking about me?! :huh:

<----looks at his nick


Sorry, overreaction :shrug:


Anyway, i’m also interested why people love numbers in their nicks :eh:

I think people do either becuase someone already has that nick, or because they like that particular number…

That’d make a good TV show… What’s Your Number?

‘Oh, I just love the number ten, it’s so manly and rigged!’

‘By themselves, one and zero… they just couldn’t cut it. A very poor performance. However, when they got together by chance, it was like God had smiled and a new duet was born!’

‘Oh… the number ten. Not so found of that one myself…’

‘I remember when I was a little girl, when everyone wanted to be number ten. It was so glorius and far fetched, that I think it was everyone’s fantasy!’

‘What does the number ten do for me? What the **** are you on about? Get the **** outta my house you bloody weirdos!’

Okay… maybe it wouldn’t be that great a show…

(joke stolen from Dead Ringers (I think) with love)

sureal you crack me up man, stop it! :lol:

OK… I understand… :neutral:
After the “Old Hag nationality”, I asked another stupid question… :sad:
A chance that Sureal and Cyrus are there to add some fun in my desperate attempts to become more cultivated and intelligent… :crying:


I couldn’t give a mroe useful answer, simply cos I never put numbers after my name :wink:. It’s always ‘Sureal’ unless someone else has beat me to it, in which case it’d be ‘5ureal’ or ‘TheTrueSureal’.

we don’t have so many members with numbers behind their names, do we? Milod is the only one that springs to mind.

if i ever have to use a number behind my name it is because my name of choice has already been taken. I then use the last 2 digits of my birth year.

It wasn’t a criticism at all, Sureal ! I laugh a lot while reading your post. :grin:
I just realize that nobody could answer to my question…

[edit]I didn’t read your message, Q, as we post in the same time. Your supposition is what I would have thought, too. But it seems there are a lot of numbers which are not birth dates.[edit]

Dm7 :smile:

For instance…
Dm7, milod789, infection0, Monitor199a, bendrummin58, xplosive58, blackeyeliner1, m2k961, rusher13, strifer42, Magus176, Jasonnov118, desigirl31, indypunk88, broken-sword88, Mike716, swimmer_chick333, Izzy545, ajackx911, bjust4004, Assur191…

I am Guest26 sometimes, and the number was both my age and the number of my favourite football player when I made that nickname. :cool:

Dm7? Pppppffffffffffffffttttttttt. [Cleans up spit.] 7? 7?! 7 is like the whore of sufmbers (in case your wondering, sufmbers is my inspired mixture of hte word suffix and number). Dm6, that’d be interesting, Dm8 woohoo, but cmon, Dm7?! Sigh, I’m dissapointed in you Dm–, Dm–, ugh, I can’t even let that vile exscuse for a sufmber pass my lips again. Shame on you.

(Just kidding! :tongue:

LOL, or DUME7?

Well, as the Neo in the Matrix was the sixth Neo, I guess that makes you the seventh Neo.

(in the Queen of England’s voice)
I dub thee, Sir Neo7!

Well, there’s a film called “The Big Lebowski” and I consider the main character something of a role model for myself, and 1 looks like a capital i, and stands for Unity, and is kinda Hiphop “bad spelling”, and that’s why I have a number at the end of my name, if anyone is still reading…

lol :biggrin:

7 is my favorite, spiritual, and lucky number. :content: That’s why!

Mine is just a random set of numbers. Usually, whenever I try to pick a user name it is already taken so, I just add random numbers after my name out of habit. :smile:

For me, I have this very wierd habit that makes me associate collors with a single digit neumeral. Seven happens to be dark blue, three green, and 1 white, all of which when combined make my favorite color . I)

Aww I was sure it was the answer to “Why is Six afraid of Seven?”

If my name is already taken, I add 137 to my name because it’s a combo of my fav numbers, 7, 13, 37, and 17.

Recently, I had to delete my Yahoo account niteowl137, so I added a 2 to show that it’s part two (since my original was still unavailable.)