What got you interested in LDs?

For me it was a few years ago when i was reaching the end of my school life. I had heard somewhere about a dream medatation that allowed you to sleep for a minimal number of hours with the same benefit. I wanted to get more time in the day to do other things. After searching the net i came across this and my old goal faded.

I was alwasy astounded my dreams just for the fact that humans actually have dreams. (its like living in two worlds) before i knew abotu LD my friend was tellign me about a dream where he was controlling everything and i googled it and found ld4all.

And i must say, “Thank god i found LD4ALL!” :happy:

I don’t remember what got me into lucid dreaming but its probably because that you could do anything that you desire with no consequences. I don’t even remember where I heard about it. :wallhit:

my good friend Tom.

and him from the fine people and the gamefaq’s paranormal forum (not REALLY that paranormal, but cool enough to fit :razz:)

I’ve LDed all my life, but I found out that it was called Lucid Dreaming, believe it or not, in a Dungeons & Dragons handbook. The Manuel of the Planes had it listed as an optional skill for campaigns using the plane of Dreamscape. I thought, That’s cool. It actually has a name, and just left it at that until a few months later.

I’ve mentioned meeting my SG for the first time, and how he said he was going to teach me about dreaming. The next day after this dream, I got bored and decided to google “lucid dreaming”. You’ll never guess which website came up. :wink:

I first came across it on youtube, it was that one video from saltcube er something. Then i decided to visit the web and read people’s online dream journal. Then I wanted to find out how to do it, because doing anything you want?? Thats so cool! So I found a site that said how to do it.

Then i don’t know why but I didn’t feel like reading it and I just put it on my favorite’s list to read later. Then until like October, I decided to delete some stuff in my favorite’s list, and found the site there.
Im like “hey, i never did learn how to do it” so i went browsing around on google and found this awesome site!! :wizard:

I was once an active member on the gaming universe forums. One member there had a signature and it said something about conscious dreaming or something like that. The link referred to LD4all, since then I have visited this page, secretly trying to LD.

From the movie Waking Life. If I recall it was google which brought me here

It all started when I had a particularly interesting dream a few years ago. I heard that there can be interpretations of dreams, and so I wanted to try that. I went to a site that has a dream interpretation guide. Being a bit more interested, I decided to browse through its forums, and it had a section on Lucid Dreaming. “What was that?” I wondered. I googled “lucid dreaming”, and went to another site that gave an example and description of a lucid dream, and I can imagine that dream in my mind. The thought of controlling dreams to do whatever I want, explore a different world, and deny reality was too great :smile: That’s when I got into lucid dreaming. Recently I stumbled onto this place, and it’s the greatest website on lucid dreaming I’ve ever seen! :woo:

I only heard of LDs after joining this forum for the Wolfgame :smile: I had never heard about being able to control your own dreams to that extent, so…:smile:

I got interested in lucid dreaming when I saw it being used in the plot of an episode of Star Trek Voyager. I thought, “How interesting!”

I had a few random lucid dreams but I didn’t start actively trying to induce them until I had access to the internet. Then, I found this website and a few others, started lucid dreaming, and joined the forums here :smile:

Ah awesome!!! :smile: There was a topic I started about that very episode: https://community.ld4all.com/t/lucid-dreaming-on-tv-star-trek-voyager/26320 !!! :smile:

The concept of LDing came quite serendipitous to me, as I was originally browsing the internet for information regarding telekinesis and psi-energy. (Which, of course, given my chancing upon LDing, makes my time spent melanging in such controversial matters a moot point.)

When I gave up on this New Age witchcraft - saving myself many angsty, vitriol- and candy-charged teenage years worth of time - I delved quite immediately into this newfound knowledge. And since dreams were proven an actual, naturally-occurring phenomenon among all humans and I had actually experienced dreaming many times before, the reality of such a proposal actually seemed quite feasible; within reach.

I may have become overzealous with it, though…

In fact, the idea of astral projection/out-of-body experience was what lead me directly to lucid dreaming. (Likewise, I experienced an OOBE before I was graced with an LD.) But I’d say I was paving myself a road to Hell in the aspirations to achieve either. I completely disowned my comfortable queen-size bed for the floorspace surrounded by two bay-windows. I took weekly trips up to my local bookstore - Borders - and read numerous books on both subjects. (Mainly astral projection.) I bought a thick dream dictionary, fluorescent blacklight, some fancy looking journal exclusively for my dream/OOBE recordings, five different-colored fine-tip pens, Sharpie highlighters and half of the entire Hershey’s company. (Not to mention, I printed the entire stock market’s worth of paper in web tutorials.)

So I had nothing of a social life, middle school through high school. (And I still have most of that left.) But I couldn’t care less. AP- and LDing was going to smolder the physical world into oblivion. Basically, when it came to the metaphysical, I was a ball of energy looking for a toaster to charge.

My sleeping pattern for most of my teenaged years was skewed, screwed-up and splayed in every spacetime direction unfathomable. (To which I contribute my diminutive 168 cm stature…) And after all of this - weeks of chocolate-covered debauchery and caffeine drunkeness, strange deviant rituals, alienation of most the outside world, a life deprived of anything in reality but the bare essentials and what would deliver me to the astral plane/dreamscape, sleeping under the eerie Poe-inspiring glow of a fluorescent blacklight - I’ve had all but 4 memorable LDs, 1.5 OOBEs (I dispute the validity of the second one) and various shifts in consciousness that I would call quite disturbing.

I look back on it all now and wonder if it was even worth it… I could not honestly answer that.

But LDing is still cool. :content:

When I was little a had a very high lucidity dream, at the point I had no idea what it was and I got scared because I suddenly found myself inside the dream and I wasn’t able to wake myself up… it was really scary actually… lol :bored:
I put it behind me though… I later became interested in lucid dreaming after dreaming several times with a very interesting character and that my sis also dreamed with… I became obsessed with him and wanted to meet him again in my dreams, so I searched online about dreams and stumbled upon lucid dreaming… and that’s how it all started. :content:



I was on Yahoo answers, and I got bored, so I stared to answer people’s questions. I came across one question “How do you Lucid Dream?”. I read some other answers and got interested. In one of the answers, it had a like to LD4all.

here is yahoo answers if you have not heard of it. :smile:

I was browsing a forum about the Sega Saturn video game, NiGHTS into Dreams (about LDing by the way) and a few topics in the forum mentioned it as actually being possible and a few people even had Dream Diaries there!

That was four years ago, I then found LD4all via Google and became a lurker…up until now that is. :smile:

Well starting 2005 i saw Vanilla Sky and i became interested when they showed the concept of LD. :smile: Ah! i forgot, i just googled LD and this site came first. :tongue:

For me, it was when I had a lucid dream one night (before I knew what lucid dreaming was) and I loved the idea that I could learn to control my dreams and do things that I normally couldn’t do in real life. Then I researched for awhile and it brought me here!
The Luciddator

impossible just means not done yet, as far as i am concerned this world is nothing bar possabilities, its all about how you look at things, i was ina rough time in my life when i lernt lucid dreaming. it was either learn to dream to escape or take drugs etc etc, i chose the first option, and from there i learnt the world is just a creation of how you want to see it, and how you think, it has changed my life and the way i think.

I learned to be lucid in my dreams and from there i became lucid in my life