What happened to the theory of no LD possible at the beginning of night

I did my tech, which translate me directly into the Lucid dream, what happened to the theory of “no Rem at beginning of the night, you can’t have a LD” ?

I got too excited and fall apart in less than 30 seconds. I do it again and achieve second LD, longer but it was very bizarre. I got myself standing in front of a building at night, it looked like a Bank and the next moment a guy a attacked me, we fight, for some reason I had a gun attached on my belt, I shot him. I got over his dead body, in that moment someone knocked me down, I lost consciousness (everything become black) but the dream didn’t fall apart.

I woke up on the ground face down, I couldn’t move, it’s like I have been tied up. Two man were arguing what to do with me, the first wanted to kill me, but the second wanted me as a hostage, I only could see their feets. The first man bring me up and clenched his fist on my throat, he said he will kill me for killing his brother, the sensation of him grabbing my throat was very real and painful. I couldn’t move at all and I couldn’t scream, I had no control of the scene, it was so bizarre real, I just closed my eyes and wished to wake up, after two seconds I really woke up.

Damn, that SP terror was just too wrong, I slept for the rest of the night.

I have lucid dreams inmediatly I fall sleep, it’s totally possible

Wilds are amazing. But every night is different.
Science as it is, is inadequate of explaining dreams. Thats where LD4ALL comes into play.