What happened?

I was trying the “third eye techniche” while WILD’ing and i was wondering what happened. BAsically the first thing that happened was I saw a splash of green, orange and white-ish grey. Then my eye opened a little bit and somehow it made me jump, as though I just woke up from a bad dream. The colors appeared right when I closed my eyes. Then I tried it again and I felt pressure on my chest, I think it was the imaginary “Old hag” hallucination, but I wasn’t scared. I opened my eyes because it actually tickled! :tongue: However, after I opened my eyes this time, It was like I was drunk or something :eek: When I looke at the top of the tv screen, it appeared as though it was melting, when I looked at the corner of the room, it looked like the space between the cieling and the curtain rod was expanding :bored: Can someone tell me, what happened? :help: (btw: I was never in a lucid dream, I RC’ed and I never got lucid because I was hungry)

that sounds like an LD.
but if you reality checked and you weren’t dreaming…
it could have just been your eyes being confused.

by the way, whats the third eye technique?

It’s a WILD technique where you focus your energy into your forehead/third eye.

well, if it wasn’t a LD I’d guess you were close. In SP or almost. I’ve gotten some weird distorted stuff like you described after waking up from a LD into SP…

Oh ok. (darn it! My mom had to tell me it’s lunch time!!!)