What huge dreamsign have you missed lately? Part III

I had a dream about a pool of water and these people floating around on these makeshift sailboat things. A lot of times I dream about water in some way and it usually has fish or dolphins or something in it. I MISSED IT. But I haven’t been doing very many RC’s, maybe I should do them when I see a pool of water like that. I used to have an aquarium. Too bad it could’ve been a good target.

I tried this technique a few days ago, and it almost worked. I fell asleep, then I pinched my nose and could still breath, and I knew this meant that I was dreaming… but somehow I still didn’t become lucid. My guess is that I was so tired that I thought my attempt to lucid dream was just another part of the ND that I was already in. :ohno: Boy, am I stupid. And I haven’t got that technique to work anywhere near as well again.

Tonight I was running down some stairs, and to get faster I began jumping from the top of the stairs, that made about 10-15 steps, and I didn’t fall nor hurt myself landing, because it was like flying without being able to move upwards. Now I know this is a recurrent dreamsign, I hope I won’t miss it anymore :smile: The trick is that it works IRL too (if you choose smaller stairs :wink: ) Run down them and jump from the 4th-5th step, you feel (very very shortly) like flying above the stair (cuz it’s actually what you’re doing). It stroke me as a kid :smile:

I was flying. In several dreams… =_=

Well the dream signs I’ve been missing would be me in school, (still on vacation) and hanging out with a friend who moved a long time ago.

voldermort was my teacher.
my biggest dream signs are harry potter characters

Three days after I decided my dream sign was water, I had two dreams about rainstorms. The first one I didn’t realize I was dreaming at all–the puddles of rain were very vivid, though. The second one, I remember seeing the rain and thinking, “I need to do a reality check!” All of a sudden, my hamster’s cage appeared, with my hamster nearly dead inside it. This, of course, distracted me from doing an RC, and I woke up. It was SO frustrating! :wallhit:

Last night I had a dream in which my best fried told me that my watch wasn’t working properly. I looked at my watch and saw she was right. But I didn’t seem to care about it. When I woke up I was like :dingding:, I don’t even have a watch!!! :scream:

These dreams involving fish and ponds/lakes/oceans etc. are so annoying. I had a dream last night that I was playing a game where you were a fish (HELLO DREAMSIGN) and had to avoid fishing hooks with worms on them. I also noticed I am usually being chased by something in a lot of my dreams or it involves racing (I was racing cars in that dream, too) How do I do RC’s for that? I am never chased by something in waking life.

I was swallowing bits of lego toys whole in a dream I hade recently… such tasty bits of lego…

how do you find your dream sign

you right down your dreams and look for recurring themes in them.

thats what i thought, Uhhh. Ok well im gonna start that now… hehe

i missed a flying car…

i guess ive been watching too much back to the future…

-My dad converted to Judaism. He doesnt like the Jews :razz:
-I brought a gun to taco bell and took a tour with a jamacan, rhyming fast food worker

Well once a green DC with 3 arms told me I was dreaming.
I told him to go away.


In under a month, I’ve dreamt four times that I’m seeking a toilet, but can’t find one. As soon is I found some kind of WC, it’s so bad, that you can’t use it. :happy:
Lately I’ve been doing RCs whenever I’m in a bathroom.

EDIT: I remember I was using MSN Messenger, and one of my contact’s personal message was: “LISTEN TO LUCID REMIX EVERY DAY” :ding:

Last night I had a full ND, which for me is a rarity. But I am kicking myself for this.

I was back in high school in the south corridor near the dinning hall. There were sofas along the wall and a seated area on the right. (this is all one big :ding:) In RL (during my time) the area where the seats were on the right would have been outside. The building has a small open area between the new main building and that hallway, they built a 2nd drama studio there since.

Anyways, I went around the corner were the Woodwork/Metal work area is and was taking toys from a cupboard to “borrow” and placing them in a clear plastic bag. As I picked it up and walked to the door it was a cardboard box. Go figure. :tongue:

Well, there was this dream where I was in a plane driving down the street and then it began to spin and flip out of control. We had hit a cow. :confused: