What huge dreamsign have you missed lately Part VI

Let me guess Kauai, I bet your not doing enough RC’s . But wow, that DR is good!

Lately I’ve had confusing dreams about going to class even though I’m not in school over the summer. I should catch on to that one.

I had a test, I went to class. I was in my elementary school, and the class was massively deformed, the other people in the class were all my friends that I didn’t know back then, and never went to my elementary. And to top this off, the test question #6 was ‘The 50:50 song’ which made no sense at all. I didn’t know what class it was. And to make it that much better, it happened during during summer vacation, so I should’ve realized that it was a dream the second I ended up in school.

And another one, I was browing the LD4all forums, and saw some dude’s signature that said “Do an RC!” I thought to myself, nah, i’m awake. Lol was I ever wrong. XD

Lately Iv’e been having Dreams where I’m part of a map in a game I regularly play.

3 out of my last 5 dreams Iv’e been in one and Iv’e failed to realise Iv’e been dreaming. I also remember thinking during one of my dreams about a movie I watched just before I went to bed but failed to pick up on.

It would be great to become Lucid in a dream :lucid:

So today I was on my way home. I used a very unusual way, which I haven’t used for months. For a while there was a girl walking in front of me and she had these huge fake black butterfly wings on her back. I thought it was kind of funny going around like this.
A moment after that, I looked aroud me precisely, taking in my surroundings like buildings etc, and thought -I wonder why I don’t pay much attention to my surroundings in dreams, I bet it can’t be as detailed and real as this- like I often do. I consider it kind of a RC, you know, trying to find something weird…

Of course I was in a dream. -___- but it didn’t hit me.

So I continue walking and near my house I notice this neigbour’s house, it looks completely different. I think -oh, that’s weird. They keep rebuilding their house like this.- (it had two parts instead of one, it was ruined and all their furniture and things vere tossed around the garden -__-; yeah.)

in front of our house, there were some people, selling something. I walked past them and overheard “Oh, yes it sells better when they are high. You know, those kids have marijuana and stuff…”
I remember my classmates and think -lol, yeah…-

and even when I was in our house, I noticed a HUGE pack of dog food. It had a really big letters on it, saying “BAD DOG” …
I thought it was a weird thing to write on a dog food, so I looked at it again, and this time there was “DOG FOOD” I was pleased with this and went to my room.


I’ve missed a bunch. But one that makes me laugh the most is having actor/comedian Jim Carey as my b/f. lol

Last night there was this anthropomorphic catman in my dream, and I remember shouting, “Does this make any sense to you either?!” And the night before I was a man, and I actually examined my stubby fingers and picked at my chest hair and I knew something was off, but I didn’t quite make the connection.

My copy of Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World multiplied in front of me.
I’m not upset though.

I dreamed last night of retiling a swimming pool using red jelly. Nothing about it gave me the least pause :tongue:

I went to that army to fight in a war in age 16, and I’m 15! lol

Yeah and 16 years old kids go usualy to fight in war :happy:

I missed yet another “im in school during holidays” sign :sad:

I missed 2 last night :sad:
I was walking around topless in public, and quickly made a top out of a scarf.
And I was meeting a very good friend of mine at the airport to see her off. But in reality I haven’t heard from her in over two years, when her and her husband went to the airport for a flight to Arizona, and I have never heard from them again ever since. It’s like they disappeared off the face of the earth, I’m still worried.

Just last night, I dreamed of going down a stairwell, and one level was missing the handrails. I even thought, “That’s odd, am I dreaming?” but ended up deciding that I wasn’t, because my reality check was trying to remember how I got there, and I did :tongue: And dreams (I thought) have a particular feel to them, but this reconstruction was very mundane and realistic.

last night I got mad at someone and I thought “hm… when I have a lucid dream I’ll kick their butt!” In the same dream polar bears were surrounding our car.
Luckily next dream I had was lucid!

lol that is normal for that wicked dream lol
I missed a dream sign that my father was extremley idiot…although sometimes it is normal :woo:

Bloody hell, I had about ten last night and two the night before. All huge.

I’m going to say a few here. A little background is that I’ve left school recently, probably about a month now! Yeah more than that. But on the 10th of July we were supposed to go on a trip to London regardless as a reward (yes seriously - this is real). A few weeks before I left school my one friend turned into an enemy overnight, we didn’t fall out or anything really, he just came in the next day an asshole and I had a feeling that he was going to be like that so I didn’t speak to him and I was right!

Now here are the dream signs from last night:
I went on the London trip even though in reality I didn’t. I saw him there wearing glasses, and being an asshole. I was often late to school. I mean a lot. After getting off the coach I don’t know what happened, but I know soon after that I walked into a room thinking it was some kind of register - and I thought this throughout. What happened next was I saw my old English teacher talking about (I don’t even know/remember - if she was even speaking). I then remember the guy I mentioned being an asshole again. It then got a little strange when he said he was going to beat the shit into me on results day. These were the exact words. I then pretended I didn’t hear it and others were asking me about it! I ignored them, but I only KNEW ONE OF THE PEOPLE ASKING - WHEN IN REALITY I KNOW EVERYONE IN THAT OLD CLASS. Then the results day thing morphed slightly. Then the poeple talking to me were acting as if it was a sports results day - and I never do sports! So I almost said “Eh I wont be there!”. Then it ended.

After that there was even more!

I’ve been a fan of someone called James Rolfe for probably about 5-6 years now! I think I first saw him in 2004 so that makes sense. He’s in the US and I’m in England, but somehow I dreamt I was with him. But that didn’t happen until later!

I dreamt I was recording something with the (yes - seriously, I have no clue why, I haven’t seen Toy Story in years for obvious reasons!) Toy Story characters, but I remember them trying to pretend to be “not-alive” and just toys. But then I KNEW THAT THEY WERE LOL. I went up and picked one up saying “MOVE DAMNIT!” Then I looked away and they were moving again :razz:

Then it was as if they spoke to me saying that we can’t move if you’re looking. That made me think of Chucky from Child’s Play which made me laugh.

Now here’s the strange part: Somehow THAT PART WITH THE TS CHARACTERS morphed into me filming with AVGN - or that’s how I remembered it within the dream. I didn’t dream I was with him I dreamt I could remember it.

The last thing I can remember is thinking that I took the filming a little too far and that he’ll probably cut me out of the episode which got me worried.

I mean an episode of his show the angry video game nerd that is. I’ve been fan of his before he turned it into anything to be honest :razz:

All that happened last night. The night before it was a lot less. I went on a holiday which hasn’t happened yet and I wont be going to, but I went to a hotel that I went to years ago, when I got in there everything was way out of proportion. I went outside to the swimming pool and it was like the insides of a near-by swimming pool that I haven’t been to in years, except everything was HUGE. I then jumped and it was like jumping on something smaller than the moon! I floated up and then came down. I can also kind of remember my step-dad speaking to me, which is confusing in its own rights because that was during the jump part, and it was more like him mumbling.

Three days ago I thought that I didn’t dream. Two days ago I decided to try remembering it. It’s worked. I wonder if it will tonight :happy:

I have been trying to lucid from ages ago but never tried any techniques like reality checks, except the last couple of days. I know it can take a while but meh D:

I’m 16 if you’re wondering based on some of the content of this post.

I remember a dream I had last night…I was at school (…when am I going to realize it’s been holiday for a month already?!) and in front of the school there was a weird thing on the ground, it was like a huge hinged door or something, and we had to keep it closed. Because it was about to explode. Of course it exploded and there was water everywhere, and I clearly remember someone shouting “OH MY GOD it’s a WHALE! Nooo, whaaale~!”

…I watched Charlie the Unicorn too much, I guess.

I then was chased by a whale in front of my school. yeah.
though I managed to escape by climbing a fence. Yay for me


I had a dream the other night where I looked around and realized that everything was clear even though I took my contacts out earlier. This should have made me lucid, or at least reminded me to do a reality check, but it didn’t. I just thought that my eyes had adjusted to not having contacts. :ding: :dingding:

Well, recently I had a dream that I was fishing and all the fish were living pinatas. (I think I’ve been playing too much Viva Pinata) Last night I also dreamed that I had a huge family with lots of siblings when in reality I only have one brother and one sister and they don’t even live here anymore. The good thing is that I realized that was a dream later on. (for a different reason, though)

Leaving the parking lot of a local donut shop, present day, 20+ degrees Celcius…all of a sudden there’s 3 feet of snow on the ground. Ya’ think a person would clue in ? Although I thought it was unusual, I justified it as just some freak snowstorm and carried on. Or how about DC’s entering my field of vision in mid air and thinking it normal? As a newbie, I’m finding it unbelievable how the mind can justify some very unusual signs and circumstances and considering them to be completely normal.