What huge dreamsign have you missed lately?

Ok, so in my dream last night, I was thinking about a dream I had earlier that week. Somehow, a dream character knew what I was thinking without me actually saying it. He said “You weren’t really lucid, you had a FLD, where you think you’re lcuid, but you really aren’t.” That really confused me, and I guess I just went along with it. lol, these DC’s are sneaky. I like that, it’s like they’re trying to delay your road to lucidity as long as possible :smile:

I remember having a morning dream where it’s a light sleep. In the back of my head I kept repeating “I’m dreaming, I’m dreaming”. But then another part of me was like “yes, but you’re not quite dreaming yet, so I’ll listen to that in a little while” then I just kept dreaming and woke up.
---->me :truit: <----me

Last night I had a dream that I could glide and fall from high places and not get hurt. Everytime I did something like that i would tell myself “its okay, none of this is real so I can’t get hurt.” Natuarlly I continued to dream without a single RC. It’s like my subconcious self doesn’t want to meet my real self, so it gave me a fake LD to keep me happy. :grrr:

It is completely normal for humans to be able to jump over bays or have other bizarre powers. :roll:

Once my hair turned to Pretzels. 'Nuff Said.

A tank on top of a roof. I don’t think that happens often.

I was a peguin. I was talking with other peguins. I jumped from peguin plane with other pegunis. And it wasn’t something special for me.


I saw a naked girl , that counts ?

Well, I was a girl… but not naked. :tongue:

I dream about my brother every night. He has been in Italy for 5 weeks.

My father called fish (like a farmer can call his pigs) and when they came to shore our pet tiger caught them.
:cool_laugh: :eek: :grin:

I once dreamt of becoming a moderator of newgrounds.com.

How could I have thought that was real?!?!?!

Another time I dreamt about being in some sort of video game that doesn’t exist. My family was in it and I had this katana that had an extremely short blade. My brother was using tambourines as a weapon and my mom said it wasn’t real, just a video game…

That’s not normal, is it?

My mate parked his car in the living room and the handbrake worked via remote control. :whistle:

I was traveling with my parents, but insteed of pulling the trailer, they were pulling a large house behind the car, and it was about 1000 ft. in the air, not on the road. I got all excited because about five owls came flying up next to the house, not abut the house flying :confused:

Slime was dripping from the ceiling of my room, black creatures with 6 legs were chasing me and outside there were so called “frost dogs” that were exuding a temperature of -16degF so you’d literally freeze if they got anywhere close to you.

Also I had a dream about an American Idol contestant performing the same song 2 weeks in a row…

I should have known… -_-"

My alarm clock being altared, or broken, is one of my dreamsigns I miss every time. This DS is usualy in a FA. I dreamed my alarm clock was taller, and it looked like my sound machine, I heard some preacher preaching on it, but I couldnt make out what he was saying.

A little bit ago I did my faithful hand RC. I looked at my right hand. Four of my fingers (not the thumb) were reversed. I completely missed it. I became lucid though only because my pinky (now next to my thumb) was bent at a slightly odd angle. One that I can just about do with my index…wow, what a good reason to be go lucid

Ever done a mirror RC and failed to realize the whole room is at day-time, while the mirror shows a night-time room? Took me some minutes to notice that detail x_X

Wow…this one made me feel a little silly :tongue:
First - I stayed up all night without feeling tired and knew I had a soccer game in the morning (I haven’t played for almost 3 years)
Second - I was with the family from Malcome in the Middle
Third - I could feel no pain (which I realized was bad when I got shot in the arm with an arrow)
Fourth - I tried to put on my class ring to find I had 6 fingers, but instead of becoming lucid, I said that this was too realistic for me to have 6 fingers. I shook my hand till the extra one dissapeared.
Fifth - My ring was messed and too small. I ususaly use it as a RC reminder…

Ya, there were more, but those are the biggest. How could I miss having 6 fingers!? :ack:

Yesterday I had sex in my ND, and I’m 15! :eek: