What huge dreamsign have you missed lately?

…Yesterday I KNOW I interacted with my dream a little bit… Then I went back to a ND. Oh well. Close.

Lets see…Tiger, leopard, and a roo in a spiderman suit. =P

I had a dream where there was a little pink cat, and it was in a clock, those school looking clocks with the layer of glass, he was in there, i didnt realise that i was dreaming. If looking at your watch is suppose to help you, looking at a cat clock should as well, am i crazy?

90% of my dreams involve a mass of water. Be it a river, a lake, or the ocean, it’s there. Still, it’s such an ordinary thing I have no idea how I should start questioning it. A thing that appears less often is me driving a car, which I don’t do in real life. Yesterday I had a dream about driving a car on a lake, how’s that…

Hi all, BTW.

Hi huggkruka, welcome to LD4ALL :smile:

One of my DS is fishing. The other night I had a dream where I saw a 30 foot long fish swimming in a river. I walked into the river and grabbed it by the tail! No lucidity. I also realized fish was too big for me and I let it go :sad:

Well I’ve realized weddings and seeing a certain person (who I see very rarely in RL) are my dreamsigns. I seem to keep missing them, even though I keep telling myself to recognize them.

The other night I dreamt I was playing life with some friends. I pulled my salary card and it said $120,000. I remember thinking “huh I didnt know there was a $120,000 card” (which there isnt). Then some one said “its not $120,000!” I looked again and the card said $102,111. And I thought “Oh I must have read it wrong.”

Can you believe that? I missed an RC that was right in front of me!! It was like I did an RC without realizing it was an RC. I was pretty mad when I woke up to say the least.

Not many big ones, but a few small ones
-My house was connected to my school
-I ran out of school naked, then swam home and almost drown
-I had to go to the bathroom, so i took off my pants as i ran to the bathroom only to find the bathroom locked
-I peed on a “bathroom” wall, in a stall with no toilet while people were cleaning the bathroom…

Theres plenty more…

I have a recurring DS of cats and dogs, but never remember it during dreams.

There was a black cat with a white ‘yin yang’ symbol on its forehead. It worked for an evil government. It fastened itself to my arm and then spoke to me :wallhit:

Later there was another cat dream. This was a ‘live’ cat but it appeared to be made of transparent green glass. I ‘thought’ wow even its blood is tranparent. :help:

Okay. I had this dream where I was running on the street destroying cars and killing people, heheh, yeah
Well anyway, I saw a police chopper, and a couple of police patrols comming for me, and I started to realize what I was doing, and how crazy the hole situation was, and then said to myself

  • but this i probably just a dream so it doesn´t really matter what happens…
    I´m so stupid… :bored:

I had a dream where this little dog started killing everyone in the amusement park. The strange part was it felt like it happened to me before. I just dismissed it and thought runnig away was more important.

I was outside someones house and he told me to look through his telescope. I did so, and the moon appeared in my sights. Only each crater was a different color. Red, blue, green, you name it. It was actually pretty cool to look at. But Im not sure how I didn’t realize it was a dream. Though, I’ve never been able to lucid dream…yet…

Another cat dream.

[i]In a school there is a white cat and a lion. :eek: The lion wants to play with cat. I wonder if its safe for a lion to be free in a school? :confused:

I decide it’s a tame and friendly lion![/i] :shy:

Last night I dreamed that someone else realised he was dreaming. I said. He’s dreaming and I figured since I was in the dream I must be a dream character.

I recently have a lot of school related dreams. I graduated in June. No more school for me. :ding:


Hmm, lately? Well, there was that one where somebody had a pet polar bear that they’d named after my bus driver.

But really, that’s no more unusual than… the usual. :wink:

I was climbing on a brick wall :wallhit: to the sky without any equipment… only hands… and got to a cloud and sat on it

I recently had a dream that I woke up to get a snack and my dad was watching TV. When I looked to see what he was watching, it was an asian playing pro football. :eh:
I should have wondered about that right away…

No offence intented :cookiemon:

Let’s see, when I was a bit younger, I had a dream where I was in this giant bathroom and all the toilets were filled with the most digusting… sewage… on could imagine. :yuck:

Oh, and last night, I had a dream where I was on the Pillar of Autumn (from halo) and to open the doors, you had to pee in a small tub :confused:

I got scared of a little mouse, and ran away from it very fast, finally i got tired and stopped. After i turned around i saw that same mouse who said : “What the hell did you stop for ?!!” in a really low male voice.

I’m sitting at huge, fancy diner with a stage in the middle. I’m eating a steak, when suddenly my favorite band went up on stage and started playing. I was amazed. When they finished, they had a Q/A - and nobody said anything.

“I wish I brought one of your CDs so you could sign it…” I said.

“Which do you have?” one of the members asked.

“All of them except… oh I forget. I have all the songs listed by album on my mp3 player. I’ll look.”

I reached into my right pocket and pulled out the mp3 player, since it’s always there. I held the power button, but the screen didn’t work; the backlight came on, but the screen was still black.

“Aww, my mp3 player isn’t working!”

D’oh! How much more obvious could it have been? I mean, come on. Favorite band? Huge fancy restraunt? And then a freaking reality check smacks me in the face. :cry:

Lol! That was huge missed dreamsigns. :grin: I’ll merge them in the “What huge dreamsigns have you missed lately?” topic

Dont worry man, your not the only one. My dreams are TOTALLY crazy yet I dont even think about reality, it really drives me crazy. :ohno: