What huge dreamsign have you missed lately?

lol, I’ve done stuff like that before. I’ve also become lucid just the opposite way, I’ve become lucid by realizing i had 5 fingers. :tongue:

my wife elbowing me that the limo passing by had golf-cart-wheels. “Don’t you think that is really wierd?!” she yelled at me as she hit me on the shoulder (obviously trying to wake me up). I completely missed the cue.

Well my wife was dating another man…

BUT I’M NOT A GUY!! :bored:

I was back to my old school doing some unuseful lessons, one of my teachers were weirder than normal, bah, what a waste. :sad:

Two nights ago I drempt I was trying to kill a Black Widdow spider about the size of a dinner plate!! It wasn’t scary, just odd.

Last night I dreamed a huge sickle was stabbed in my right shoulder. I wondered how it didn’t hurt at all, but when I tried to remove it, then the real pain started :sad:

I think the title actualy explains most of it…
Evil Magic-Using Monkey Men With Fros!

Then I had another dream where half of it was actualy pretty much a Simpsons episode…and there was martial law declared in school…:eek:

I dreamt I stopped an airoplane with my mind powers… :bored:

cough :wink:
i wonder what made you suddenly want to stop an airoplane SD :peek:

Hmm… maybe cuz it was going to squish someone very spacial… maybe not… :tongue: :peek:

Well my most recent dream gave me the power to fix a fourwheeler that had probably crashed into a wall at 45 miles per hour.

I can’t even replace an air filter.

Not an obviously blatant dreamsign, but I was dreaming that me and some friends were walking around a student store and one of my friends wanted these stilettos, so everybody looked at me and I agreed to get them for her. I agreed because I (as well as they) thought I had a lot of money). The stilettos were priced at $149.99 and I checked my wallet to see only four bucks :bored: When I went up to the cashier, he started handing me the $20 in change of some other guy’s purchase and just started handing me money until I jumped to over $160 :eek:
:ding: Yeah, I should’ve noticed that :lol:
(BTW, I decided to pocket the money instead of buying the stilettos :sly: What a fine irony that I woke up to nothing…)
Irony reigns in dreams…

I was on a really high clift and i jumped of onto a sand clift and instead of sliding down everytime i touched down i front flipped down like 10 more feet and landed hard into a beach and water that was a great dream

One DS that appears infrequently is strange or unusual animal.

Saturday I dreamt I was walking along a hallway. On the walls were pictures of my ‘uncle’ and his pet white wolves. I looked at them at thoughts, wow that’s really unusual :cry: nice doggies :tongue:

Sunday I dreamt of a bird that was flying towards me. On top of its bird wings it had extra paper wings attached. I ‘thought’ oh I guess that helps it glide further. Then the bird landed on a bush and its paper wings fell off. I picked them up and they were now a miniature wooden biplane. I thought this will make a nice gift :shy:

I was dreaming that the earth was being destroyied by another planet who was sucking everything… we had a meeting to deside what we were going to do and a guy told us not o worry cuz it was all my creation and that i could controll it… then he said “just try WILD”…

Completely ignored him and then had a FA! :ding:

I had a ND last night where i was ( and this is just embarassing on so many levels ) amanda tappings :neutral: . Yes i was Major Carter from the tv show Stargate SG1. This is embarassing coz im a guy! And to make it worse, Teal’c was hitting on me LOOOOOL . And to make it every MORE worse, i was in a bathtub, taking a shower when Teal’c comes in and wants to have sex with me. Honestly, i hope no guy ever goes through that. Dream or no dream, the shock and trauma is very deep when u look down and you actually have a vagina.


I remember a dream where i was playing piano, except i was reading nots (Ding Ding… I lost my ability to read notes; i only compose now) Anyway, i looked at the notes and i remember it said E Minor. I played that, and kept playing until i found U Major :eh: and K minor…I didn’t know how to play those of course, and dismissed the idea of a LD, thinking i just wasn’t good enough to play those. :ack:

I often have dreams where i’m in bed trying to get into a lucid dream, or just generaly thinking about having a lucid dream when i got to bed, autosuggestion or whatever… i’m an idiot.

S : repeat after me until you understand it : this does not make me an idiot :wink:

Now, Ive managed to swim really fasT (IM NO good swimmer, i swim, yeha i do, but really slow, only thing i do well in the pool with school is water-rugby :wink: )ANd

this is the worst



being in a class i already graduated from, being inside, but outside at the same time (dont ask), talking about Dr. Saddam… lol, Being like the guy from Far Cry and fighting 30 scantily clad cheerleaders…, also being a cat… so yeah… thats all i can think of right now.