What If You Designed It All?

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POINT: Design a dreamscape (dream + landscape, Ha). One you can “wake-up” inside, inducing lucidity. It can consist of your dream-house, creating your own job conditions, designing a new wing to your High-school… whatever. The theory behind it is to play on your dream signs.

EX: I often dream of Airplane Flights. I could design an airport.
EX: My overall dream in this waking life is to successfully start a family out of my dream-home… hence my idea to design a dream-house

So I got this little idea. There is nothing more in life I want than own home. One paid for and constructed to my specifications. How could this benefit my Lucid Adventures? Imagine waking up in the same bed, every time you had a dream. Similar to waking life, you wake up in your bedroom. I had the idea to do the same in dream-land, somewhat hoping to induce false awakenings that land me in my dream-home… Following?

Some of you guys may have decent graphic or photo shop type software. Just to prove a point I did my work on paint. Pretty simple, it is a bird’s eye view of my “soon-to-be” home. I am hoping, over the next few months, to repeatedly having the same dream. Between mediation, affirmations, the VILD and MILD induction techniques I think it is possible to simply put – experience a false awakening every night – as if you are waking up there (dreamland) like you do in your own Waking-Life bed.

  • If your an artist, draw.
  • Into photography? Take snap-shots of landscapes?
  • Paint…? Paint something.

Some of you may like to be more creative. Design an island paradise… a tree-top cabana, or a safari tipi thing. Whichever. Play not only with your common dream signs, but your subconscious waking-desires as well. I chose a standardly designed luxury home. A house I could base my Lucid Dreams around, sort of a home-base (no pun intended).

The beauty of this is you can physically plant reality checks around your house. Design a house cat, which just happens to be blue… I don’t know, imagine. Maybe paint 1 wall a distinct bright red. Every time you see this wall/room you perform a reality check.

My ultimate reasoning for taking this approach is to maybe subconsciously tap into a greater resource. I hope to possibly bring my “house to life”, so to speak. Bring it into the real world slowly over the years. Then maybe once this goal is accomplished I can use lucidity to conjure up another.

  • Check out my post, THE VIDEO FOR YOU!
  • It has detailed instructions on performing WILDs. Including going over every sensation of a “mentally pictured” dreamscape.

What if we designed them? Planted our reality checks. And use Lucid Dreaming to bring such visions to Waking Life. Imagine the possibilities!

(My artwork will be pictured shortly)


Here is my “Dream-Scape”…

I even strategically placed 4 “Lucid Alarms” throughout the house. There is also a Mirror Portal behind the pool, as well as a private take-off/ landing strip in the front yard. I’ll will post results.

Nice.Good idea.
If I get a decent lucid dream ever again, i’ll make my own…palace :razz:

I don’t get it… what do you mean with bringing the house in real life - I mean how would you to that?
I made a dreamscape before, from my meditations and I know - if I would see that dreamscape, I know I will be dreaming. But the point is, I -can’t- dream about it - couple times I was lucid and I searched it and never found it, it’s too damn difficult… but that’s a tryout from reality into dreams, and this topic goes about dream into reality?
Euhm… I think I really don’t get what you mean. :wow:

Can you explain this a little more please? :smile:

What I meant by bringing them into reality was this. Dream about some achievable goals/desires in life. My biggest dream in life is to retire early with no debt, with a family, in a nice beautiful home I designed, somewhere of warm climate.

- So in what sense can Lucid Dreaming help?

Designing my house for one. They say it is possible to teleport (I’ve been trying) to a place you imagine with excruciating detail. It’d be fun to have a house as your dream-base, in which you later built in reality. Wouldn’t it? As far as the no debt thing, I’ve been working on a minimalist-type lifestyle. Keeping some obvious utilities, however. But I designed an glassed in/outside shower, rather than indoor plumbing. By keeping my overall dimensions low on my lot and property, I was able to add a screened in pool that comes up to the screen (Picture sliding a door and jumping from inside to a pool, yah… that :woo: )

You could imagine anything with this induction technique/ lucid adventure. Maybe a volcano top log cabin? Whatever you want? I’m just aiming to make my design a “home-base” for my Lucid Adventures. I really want to see if Lucid Dreaming could be a way to visualize goals, and later bring them to life… so to speak.

*I’m just viewing it as a cool project/experiment to work on that also ties in waking-life, and realistic views+aspirations.

My first night after conceptualizing my design I had 2 Lucid Awakenings… and cool/yet limited control. Part of my success I give credit to the hours I put in to Lucid Dreaming it took design and paint it. Seeing is that I didn’t wake-up in the house like I imagine I will soon.

I did dream of back-yard fruit picking… telekinesis, that was cool. So in the design as been somewhat imprinted. After all my picture is based around the concept of multiple backyard/courtyard type oasis’s.

I’m really designing this as a life-long experiment. See if we can imagine something to life. I know, yah… it might take a decade. But some are into their 50’s trying to pay off a house. This could lead to a book… something titled along the lines of, “Playing GOD… for One-Third of Your Life”

*That’d be cool. The common masses have to grasp the potential of an alternate reality that can be used for vacation, adventure, healing, problem solving and creativity. I’m blown away at it’s esoteric nature.

Ok I get it. :content: But it sounds very difficult to try out…
Anyways, I’ll try it out as soon as I can. :happy: