What is 23?

I seriously would advise you not to get all hyped up about 23 and 666 and the end of the world! I think that worrying about the end of the world and dumb numbers is not good for the human body. If you dwell on it long enough it might corrupt you and you’ll end up in a padded white room!
(Awkward Moment…)
The Luciddator

No. This happened with me, but it was with the number 4. Then I got over it and didn’t become insane. :razz:

23 is just a number just like any other random set of numbers. Not that much to be worried about.

i hate how people associate random numbers and letters and roman numerals with a sopposed “evil number”. an number is just a numerical value… you cant give evil a numerical value, butcause evil (like good) is infinite.

Has anybody ever heard of Jack Van Impe? i cant stand the man, or his wife, Rexella. he’s always doing that. “did you know china’s increasing military force! this is a biblical sign!!this means they are preparing for war!” no duh mr. impe, thats usually what it means… oh, and “12 divided by 2 is 6! 6x111= 666!!! so, if you go to the twelfth book of the bible, then the 6 verse and from the first word of that, read the next 111 words, there will be a message from the DEVIL OOOOO!” man…

also, ive heard that it was the 21st, according to the Mayan calander, the web bot stock prediction system, the hermit merlin, the sable prophecies, and the delfine prophecies. cuz i have no life like that :slight_smile:

Wow people are really going mad :tongue:
Everything is related to 23… and 34, 4, 32, 39, 12, 65 and 234523477823832 :wink:
Everything is related to everything in some way, and if you’re looking for it, you’ll find it, and everything else :tongue:

If I had to say that the number 67 is good luck, people would look for it everywhere and find it everywhere and I’d be famous :content:

Yep, that pretty much sums it up nicely. Good movie but you’d have to be an idiot to actually believe this. 23 words!

Be sure to respect the people who do believe it, no flaming. :happy:

If you screw with any numbers for any amount of time you can get any number.

And isn’t it December 21, 2012, or have I been misinformed for the past eight years?

Speaking of the mystery of 23 here is something entersting…


Wow. People are still missing the fact that it’s 12/21/12 NOT 12/23/12. :happy:

Please don’t me get a bible out :tongue:

I dont believe in anything like this. come on!

a) you will search for “23”'s. Of course you see them! But you also see 2, 4, 92, 384, and every other number. you just dont pay attention.

b) You can make special numbers out of everything if you want to.

“Marco” are 5 letters. Therefore you have 5, which can be split in 2 and 3, which is, surprisingly, 23.

… and if not, you could try to divide, multiply, or do some weird mathematical things. you can get to 23 just as you can get to 46. Which is, surprisingly 2x23. Astonishing fact!

…sorry, i don’t like urban myth’s :razz:

I think the name for believing in this is “WHOA. You can get to a number from any other number. With mathematics! Amazing. It must be spiritually significant.”

Bit of a mouthful of a name.

I am sorry I don’t have anything constructive to add to the topic and for digging up a four day post, but the song “23” by Blonde Redhead just came on 10 seconds before I saw the thread and I just had to post.

a number.

glad someone else noticed

EDIT: btw, Michael Jordan’s # was 23 and he kicked ass, 23 is a good number

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how do you found out about a date of birth its connection with the number 23?

For those weird people that think there is something in the number 23, here is a little something for you.

Source: https://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,383581,00.html

its www.wingmakers.co.nz
sorry bout that. hope its not to late
the site gives lots of intresting theories but i dont think its very reliable

2 + 3 = 5



Think real hard about this.

Anything is more and more manifest the harder you look.


people seek to communicate with synchronicity to put order to chaos
and in ignoring all contrary evidence they begin to develop a solid system

once the system is set in motion it takes a long time to dis-integrate

the duality spectrum :

genius ---------:yinyang:------- crazzzzzzzE

i was good at seeing 11 , then i told some friend online
she said it was nonsense
then i went to m-w.com and they said it was the eleventh edition

these things show us how powerful a persistently focused mind is.

imagine a puppy that only lives for frisbee

what did you do today :
“Well I played frisbee!”
they wont’ necessarily recall any-thing else like, eating, sleeping, their story and their mind is 100% focused.