What is LD for you? Why doing it?

I don’t know if it has been posted yet. But here it goes.

What is lucid dreaming for you? That include OBE’s.

What is happening?

  1. Are you just in your mind, playing with your thoughts and nothing is real?

  2. Or are you in a parallel universe such as real as this physical one?

And why to be lucid? I mean, it serve on what? Just to play? Or to search something? Or cause it is more fun?

I really mean: Why are you searching in this path of lucid dreaming? What are you wanting with this?

To dream or not to dream, that’s the question!

Thank you.

thats a good question actually and I think it depends on the individual and how far you want to take it. Here are my views

The dreaming is jut another aspect of life. Things happen when your body is awake and active, things happen while your body rests. We spent about half of our lifetimes sleeping, so why not take it the step further? In away it is like a parallel universe where the rules are more your own. I have woken up panting or even sweat covered as a result of a dream, and some dreams have stayed with me since I was small. TO DREAM!

OBE’s I’m not totally as comfortable talking about because it has only happened a few times throughout my life. I think they can be great things, jut make sure to work on control; as someone pointed out to me once when I asked about it “what are you going to do if you can’t find your way back?” be careful I guess.

you didn’t mention spirit guides but connecting with them goes right along with it. give it a shot.

Good luck Fabrico!

Hey, there.

Well, if LD’s are in your mind or if they are a parallel reality is a complicated question, for me at least. Specailly because of the “what is reality” issue. :wink:

If you’ve read “Sophie’s World” (I think that’s the name of the book in english) you might know what I mean. If you haven’t I recomend it! I can’t say more about it… spoilers… :neutral:

Anyway. For me it’s a philosofical issue… :tongue:

And my ultimate goals with LD’ing is to have fun and do any possible and impossible thing I want :grin: , like visit fantastic worlds (from Lord of the Rings to Harry Potter and others), plus use them for creative purposes, learn more about myself and grow, etc.

Interesting thoughts, I’ll answer them for myself one at a time.

  1. A lucid dream for me, OBEs included, are what they are. Dreams, mental illusions, nothing more. However, they’re quite fun.

  2. What is happening? Nobody really quite knows yet, sleep isn’t very well researched at all. However, I don’t have any spiritual beliefs attached to it if that’s what you’re asking. We’re just dreaming. And good we’re good at it.

  3. What I want out of lucid dreaming? I’d like to be able to learn something about my own subconscious, not to mention living out scenarios that would be very impossible in reality. After all, who wouldn’t want to have the power of complete control of reality, without the consequences?

I believe it is mental phenomena, and have no reason to believe anything more. But it would be cool if it were.

If I have to formulate one reason why I want to lucid dream, I’d say to enrich my life. It’s just more interesting to be there and aware. And I want to do all those crazy things you can do in dreams.

For me, the dreams are in my mind but the dream world feels real while I’m dreaming. :content:

I also believe that dreams can sometimes be used as a means of communication with family/friends who have died. But I think it would be wrong to actively seek this communication.

Why does it have to be fun or exploration or enlightenment? We can use lucidity for different things at different times. We don’t just do one type of thing when awake so why limit ourselves when dreaming?

Why not? We dream anyway :happy: I look on lucid dreams as an added bonus to the normal dreams that I experience. :dream:

Option 1. I generally lose the environment around me and become aware that it’s me constructing it all.

Not sure, really. I’ve just always been interested in my dreams, particularly certain areas that keep cropping up in dreams yet don’t exist IRL, and when I realised it was possible to LD, I though, I really need to give this a try!

Time to tear your post apart and answer bit by bit

When I’m lucid, I’m usually in a parallel universe that feels, looks and acts as real as this physical one (provided I don’t “slip out” or wake up)

I become lucid for several reasons:

  • Because it’s fun
  • To see what I can do
  • To experiance otherworldly abilities/powers
  • To experiment (eg “I wonder what happens when i fall asleep in a dream?”{ answered} and the like)

Mostly i lucid dream because it’s fun. After the first few times (which were years ago), being able to get away with anything loses it’s charm, so nowdays I do stuff like searching the internet in my dream and seeing what comes up (very interesting, I recommend trying it)

Hahaha It’s very interesting, really.
Tv too shows the most strange things in dreams.

Hahah great idea!

I’m trying to do LDs for the fun, lik using powers, talking to DCs, making my own kinda world, etc. I want to take my imagination to the limits and beyond!

Lucid dreaming is just fun.

Basically, once I become lucid, I feel this powerful sense of freedom. Freedom is all I desire, and with lucid dreaming, it’s like freedom on speed.

Well, for me is trying to LD like trying to talk to SGs… I didn’t get them yet, but i would really like to talk to one or more of my SGs… i always get goose humbs and stuff like that like crazy during the day, and after reading spiritsrus i believe it is them…

:happy: I’m a big fan of this topic. To me, i do lucid dreaming for many different reasons. at first i thought it would just be something fun to play around with, but after feeling it for myself, I have a much deeper appreciation for it. Here’s a list of the reasons i do it in order.

  1. LD-ing makes use of time that one would normally be wasting (sleep :tongue: )

  2. The feeling that you have when LD-ing is unexplainable. Everything around you is so real and tangible, yet at the same time, you know that you’re really asleep in bed. It’s also very strange because it feels so real, but you have no limitations. you can do anything you desire.

  3. Search my subconcious. I think that this one is slightly overlooked… Sure, LD’s are fun, but I like to learn things about myself, and make my LD’s meaningful.

  4. I like the feeling of having the whole world to myself, and knowing that the whole universe belongs to me, and that nobody can tell me what i can/can’t do.

  5. It’s fun. :cool:

  6. And finally… I think that it’s very appealing because EVERYBODY can do it. There are no limitations, and there’s virtually no risks. It’s like drugs without the drugs! :content:

And lastly… I Think that it also feels good for LDers because they can do something so amazing that not many other people know how to do. I personally am fascinated that LD-ing isn’t talked about more. When i heard about it, at first i didn’t really believe it. It sounded soooo awesome to me (and it is…) that I wondered why I had never heard about it before.

I do it for fun. It’s not like you can do anything else when you are sleeping. It’s also a good chance to have some fun and be in control of EVERYTHING. You are God in your dreams. You do what you want to do and there is no one that can tell you otherwise but yourself. If you feel that killing is bad in a Lucid Dream, you don’t have to do, but if you don’t care, no can stop you. Want to fly to outer space, go ahead. The sky isn’t the limit in your world. Your mind is the only thing that can limit you.

In the biginning (about 10 years ago) I wanted to experience AP-s and OBE-s to prove to myself that suppernatural things to exist. There are still some doubts.

Then the fun and suspense was added. But this had a side effect that I was bored about flying, moving through the walls etc. So I stoped practicing LD-s.

Now I have discovered that LD-s influence my psychological state of mind in IRL. So I want to use this to increase general awareness.

My first LD was the best I ever had, I could do anything. And now, I keep trying to go back to that, trying to achieve that same goal, but everytime I fail.

I fail everytime because I think I have a mental block. I can’t get around the fact even if I say I’m going to have a lucid dream how can I really control it? When you really think about it, you can’t control it, you just get lucky. (At least for me)

So now I’m back at Square 1 again and it goes in a cycle over and over, and I can’t figure out how to get out of the never ending cycle. I just have a lucid dream, get okay at having one, then fail, and start over again, and it never ends.

I post on these forums to find the perfect, ideal, way to lucid dream, the perfect technique, when really there isn’t.

I do believe that your dreams can be benefical beyond what we might think.

I want to have someone teach me to lucid dream and I want to be able to have one without even trying.

I don’t know what I’m waiting for, I just can’t figure out how you have a lucid dream when really I don’t have any control at all.

The problem is that I need to have a lucid dream first, and then remember to get someone to teach me, but I can’t get someone to teach me without having a lucid dream.

So that is why I want to Lucid Dream, I want to have someone teach me to perfect it and be able to have one every night and achieve more out of my dreams.

I still have yet to get a good LD, but I do know why I want to have them.

  1. The idea of a separate “reality” that I have a level of control over. Just to play around, do anything I can’t do IRL, and not worry about breaking anything or upsetting anyone. Just a free world to roam around. This is the most important one to me because I always feel so limited by real-world restrictions. I don’t have major plans to commit crimes or anything, but the boundaries of time and physics are too stiff.

  2. Learning. I hope to be able to speak to DCs once I start having LDs, and perhaps learn things about myself. I don’t have any major phobias to conquer, but maybe a conversation with my subconscious would be interesting even without fears involved.

  3. What else am I to do in my sleep? I have five to ten hours spent every day, laying in bed unconscious. That’s too much time to be doing nothing. If people only slept for ten minutes I wouldn’t be half as excited, but since a third of the average human’s life is spent wasting time asleep, I decided to put it to use.

  4. There are little to no requirements IRL. No coaching lessons, no boot camp training, no special drugs or surgeries to make you better at it. If you have the motivation to, anyone can become more skilled at LD induction by themselves.


Well. I think dreamworld is a parallel reality where I can find answers for the million of questions about life that I have. Need to be lucid for that.

Even though i haven’t had a LD yet, I think it’s really fun! (it sounds really fun anyways)