what is the 1st dream you remember?

i was like 4 or something. this was a nightmare… i was going to sleep in my room and suddenly i saw snakes everywhere. it was terrible :eek: . they were all over the room. i run to the door and i had to step on some of them, and some snakes that had climbed on the wall were falling on me… and on top of all, i couldn’t open the door… :bored:

:happy: (Hi brownie princess maikki lol)

My first dream is was 4…a giant was walking through the city looking for me…i hide behind the couch…i heared his heavy walking come closer…
Boom Boom Boom…then he looked through the window…
Was it friend or foe???

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My first dream that I can remember was a nightmare. I was about 3 years old. I dreamed that my eyes popped out of my head and they were flying away from me and I tried to catch them, I never did :bored:

LOL nice dream Dead :smile: It must be pretty scary to see your eyes flying away… I should try that in my next LD.
Could you still see normal afterwards?

I remember being three or four years old when I was in the basement thinking back to my first dream.I remember recalling one where I was in a huge room hearing music and seeing lots and lots of colors.I’m enjoying this show until I realize that my parents are gone.There’s lots of people in the room who are starting to leave,but I still can’t find my parents.It seemed like I was in this room for hours until I finally woke up.I don’t know when I had this dream,but I do know it was at a very,very young age.I might not of even been one yet.

the 1st dream i have memory of, happened when i was 4 also.
it was such a nightmare, and it was so silly!

I had these blue sheets with the disney characters on them (that was a real thing), and in my dream, i was looking at mickey mouse and his ears started growing… and growing… and growing even more, so everything was being absorbed by his giant ears, and i was really in pain and was afraid that i would fade in the black too - then i woke up crying. :bored:

i remember another early dream, when i was about 5 - i had died and i was on a cloud, had turned into an angel. there was also this giant calendar, and my job was to turn the pages of the days… :cheesy:

like many others, the first dream i can remember was also a nightmare. i was in the livingroom of the house that i lived in at that time and it was on fire. i was trapped directly in the center of the room and the fire was coming in from all sides. there was no escape and i was extremely scared. then, to make it worse… spiders and snakes appeared in the fire and they all crawled/slithered towards me along with the fire… :crying:

yep, that’s it… pretty scary one… phew :dozing:

Wow, been a while. :shy: Anyway, nightmare for me too. Don’t remember how old I was but I know I’ve had it several times up until a few years ago. (I’m fifteen now so I guess I was five or something.)

I’m up on a white, cement wall. About 3 feet wide and it’s so tall I cant see the bottom. I can’t see where the wall ends either but it feels like I’m inside a canyon. Anyway, no matter when I had the dream I’m always about five years old in the dream. I stay up there crying until I wake. Not fun at all.

The first one I can remember is a nightmare that plagued me when I was young, around or under 5 I think. In it my dad was holding me by one ankle over the edge of a rope bridge telling me that if I didn’t give it to him he would drop me. I never knew what “it” was. Below me was what seemed like an impossible drop, although the bridge couldn’t have been more than the length of a car it dropped straight down what looked like hundreds of feet ending in bone littered rocky dirt. I don’t know how I could see that far down either. Anyway I didn’t know what it was he wanted so I couldn’t give it to him, he always ended up dropping me. I woke up just after he let me go.

I know where the bridge came from although it didn’t drop that far, only about 10 feet to a river in real life. I remember this because I have a picture of it my parents took of a camping trip, I cought my first bass off that bridge.

:neutral: not exactly sure which was first, it was either the reoccuring nightmare about being chased by aliens in the elementary school or the dream where I saw a unicorn standing in the front yard (still among the most vivid dreams I’ve ever had). That was at 5-6ish years old. :cool: one day I’m going to paint that unicorn, it was such an awsome scene…

:eh: it is strange;i wonder why most of us people had a nightmare in our first dream.There must be a reason;i mean ;i can understand why i have nightmares now , but when i was young i had´nt any particular reason to be afraid in a dream…

The first dream I remember was an LD which later turned out to get repeated about 6 times. I was 4 the first time I dreamt this.

I am walking along the road with some older cousins and see a tunnel type yellow slide at the end of the road. Being a kid… I want to go on the slide… so I do.

When I emerge out the other end, everything is gone, no houses , people, nothing but paddocks me and a slide. I think " well what am I going to do? nothing here , it’s getting dark, I’ll try to find home".

So off I go walking until it becomes night and I finally see an old white wooden house in the middle of nowhere. I decide to go to the house. When I open the door there is a short hall with 2 rooms off it and thats all.

I open the first door and there is a skeleton in their holding up a dress admiring it. It turns to me and says “get out , mind your own business”. I am a bit scared of it :cool_laugh: so no arguments from me and I close the door". I go to the next room and there is a huge green blob sitting in the bed. I am wondering where I am going to be able to sleep and decide the green blob seemed like a bit of a sook I could probably bully him out of his bed. :grrr:

I start picking on him, and pushing him, until he cries. He says " thats it - I am telling on you" and leaves the room. I jump in his bed happy I have somewhere to sleep. The next thing the skeleton comes in and starts telling me off, pointing it’s finger at me repetatively for emphasis. I am scared so I pull the bed covers over my head so I dont have to see it. Everyso often I would take a peek to see if it was still there. It always was and would start yelling at me again. I would be thinking how am I going to get out of this situation :bored: …and then I would wake up.

The last time I had this one I was about 6. By then I was used to it, but still did the same thing over and over. I would see the house " and think yeah yeah the skeletons in there why do I keep going in there?", and just do it again. The last time is how I figured I could change things. There I was again…as usual…in the bed covers over head, knowing the skeleton was standing there, and I finally thought " I have had enough of this" and I pulled down the covers. The skeleton started on at me again, pointing it’s finger. This time I reached out and pulled on it’s finger and it fell apart in to a pile of bones. :grin:

I never dreamt it again…but remeber it like yesterday although it was 25 (-23) years ago. :cool:


I remember having a nightmare, I guess you could call it. It was creepy, not frightening, though. I was in my house, looking around, and I go outside, where my parents are. I talk to my mom, and I look into the sky, and I see a small purple cloud. I ask my mom, “Why is that cloud purple?” She responded with, “It’s a dead cloud.” So, for some reason, I run inside, and my brother meets up with me. We both run up to one of the windows towards the front of my house, and the cloud has a face. It comes towards the window, laughing…


It was really, really, REALLY blurry… I remember waking up on my couch. (Where I had fallen asleep.) I put my hand out and tried to make something appear, but nothing… Two dots appeared. Then, I tried to make a woman appear. (I have different plans now, but, hey…) I saw a face. Then, it got really blurry, so I rubbed my hands together, because I remember being able to think, and I remembered to try that, as it helped to stay lucid. I faded out. The dream couldn’t have lasted for more than a few seconds… This was my frist LD experience, and I have yet to have another one. This was, oh, four months ago…

My first dream to remember…i have two actually. I dont know witch one i dreamed first. I was about 4 years old. I was dreaming that i was jumping in my parents bed and when i jumped high enough i could stop in the air and float by the ceiling lamp. I did not realise that it was a dream so the next day i wanted to do it again. And i jumped and jumped but nothing happened. I got angry and i jumped as high as i could and tried to float just like in my dream. But with no success i fell to the floor and broke two fingers.

The other dream was a nightmare. I had a fever and before i went to bed i watched Jurassic park. And i dreamed that i was chased by dinosaurs. My mom found me standing in my bed and waving my blanket while screaming “GO AWAY STUPID DINOSAUR”. I think that was the first time i Moved my physical body that mutch during a dream.

hmm i remember quite a few

when i was very very younge like maybe 3-4 i remember somthing about a black shadow :smile: wow scary and i awoke and always saw a foot under my bed :eek:

umm i remember a few dreams about taking off peoples faces and there was another fdce under it. i understand this i s a very common dream.


but the best and it was a ld too :smile:

i am walking around on a road and i find a ring on the ground, i put it on, i realise it is a dream and with this ring i can make it rain, i make it rain and jump around in the dream, i make it rain harder and harder untill icant see, i run onto teh oad and see two head lights and car car just hits me and i awake.

ever scince than i havent ld well not like that untill two years ago.

wonder what it would have been like if i had not been hit by the car, would i be a natural lder???


The first ND that I can remember was also a recurring dream I had it 3 times over a short period, I was 5 or 6 at the time and it was a nightmare with a witch in full costume stirring a cauldron. :eh:

My first LD happened years ago, I went into the living room at my old family home and saw my mum sitting in a chair…I said you can’t be here you have died…realised I was dreaming…and before I could really do anything I woke up! My second LD was very similar (they were years apart) but this time when I said she shouldn’t be there I managed to feel the wooden sideboard…it felt so real…after a few moments I thought what shall I do now …I can fly or do anything…before I did anything I was too excited and woke up.

But I have noticed each LD is getting longer. As I haven’t had one since joining the forum (my third was just before joining where the spinning techique lost me my dream :cry: ) so who knows what may happen next time. :wiske:

I would have been about 4yrs it was a nightmare. a few months after i had the first lucid dream - induced from the very same nightmare (reccuring dream)

The first dream I can remember, if from the time when I was 4 or 5 years old. I was in the kitchen, looking at the old oven. I could hear scraping sounds coming down the chimney. An ugly, skinny man came out of the oven. My feet went limp and it was difficult to walk. I knew I would be safe if I only could reach the door. But I could onl y crawl, slowly…

This one came back many times. :bored:

The first dream that I can remember,… I was on the balcony, and I had a little plastic fishing rod (I had it IRL) and I was fishing, and then I caught a giant whale that was wearing a tie and smoking a cigar! :happy: I don’t remember how old I was.

My first dream i remember was a nightmare, I was in a luge or something, (not on ice but on wheels) and there was a countdown - T-minus 45 seconds - as I was going down the luge path, the scene would switch to a huge rocket, probaly a bomb, getting ready for launch, it looked so real, there were people running all aroudn it shouting things, it woudl then switch to a world of little multi colured care bears and stuff and they would be really nervous and sad, because they knew about the rocket. Aroudn now it is usually T-minus 5.
I would arrive at the teddy bears and yell “run run, you need to get out of here!” I would be like crying by now. Scene switches to the rocket coming down to the bears. I remember the view perfectly, there were little huts for the bears, and numerous waterfalls and ponds, it was quite beautiful :smile: The bomb came down and everything went black. :bored: I hated this dream so much, i woudl always get it whenever i had a fever, it scared me so much. I started getting it aroudn 4 I think, and last time I had it I was 12 - I’m 15 now.