What is the First Dream You Remember? Part III

way back when, I had a dream that me and my family was being held up by a clown with a gun.

The first dream I remember was when I was about five years old, and it was a nightmare. I was really terrified of spiders, and all I remember was that I was walking outside and I found one. I wasn’t afraid of it, surprisingly, until it started to grow until it was huge. When I woke up I thought I saw a spider coming down from the ceiling, so I screamed and ran into my parents room. I didn’t go back into my room for days because I was convinced it was infested with spiders…I was quite dramatic

The first dream I ever remember was a nightmare.
I was sitting on a little log fence thing outside my house (not actually my house), crying. This man (or the shape of a man, but all red) came up to me, and I started talking to him. I told him “it was all my parents fault!” Then, he left and I heard two shots and screaming from my house. I then yelled “No! Not them!!” and I woke up…
Even though I was super little; I still hate the color red…

My first dream I can remember was a short nightmare.

One single thing: Spiders, spiders everywhere, including my eyes…

I was a kid, now i don’t fear spiders anymore and i don’t have anymore nightmares :happy:

First dream I remember was a Nightmare to

I was running down the hallway when all of a sudden Earl from the show dinosaurs jumped out and ate me.

Looking at what I just wrote makes me laugh but back then it was scary.

P.S. Faith42 THAT is one scary dream

yeah, I had like 1000s of nightmares when I was little it seems… :sad:

The earliest dream I can remember somehow involves an old friend’s parent, who apparently turned into a monster, and I saved my friends somehow. It took place on a strange moonlike place in a semi-2D plane of existence. I believe it also had some things or pieces inspired by Rugrats, a show I used to watch as a child, and when I get the chance, still today. Childhood was so awesome…

I also remember quite a few childhood dreams that I’ve nowhere to post… Maybe a new topic is in order…

The first one i remember is in first or second grade. This kid named PJ was teaching me how to fly. It was at the playground of my first elementary school. I would flap my arms and fly like 20 feet in the air. That dream was so fun. I actually had that exact same dream two or three times. It may have been an LD but it was a long time ago so i don’t remember

Hahaha Unseen… rugrats :happy: I used to watch the rugrats too! :tongue:

EDIT: I also had a dream when I was really little that I went to telletubby land and when I woke up, all I could think about “Dreams Do Come True!” and I couldn’t wait to get there :tongue:

No reason why you can’t make your own topic about your other early dreams in here or post them in a DJ in our DJ forum.

Earliest one I can remember might have been a lucid dream… not really sure… also can’t remember when I had it… so here goes.

I am in a forest, in late fall/early winter. Leaves are all on the ground, and everything is sepiotome(sp?). I am naked for some reason, and running from school. I see the owl from Winnie the Pooh, and he is drunk. I think to myself " Wait a second, why is he drunk? And why am I naked? This has to be a dream!"

After that, I don’t remember much. I might have woken up, might of had the best dream in my life. But, alas, I do not remember it.

The first dream I can remember is a horrible nightmare. (I was five or six) My father and I were on a deserted island. We were like Robinson Crusoe and some weirdo africans appeared in front of us. I can only see their distinct black silhouettes and shadows dancing around a fire. Suddenly they assaulted us and all of them pierced my father through the heart. :crying:

I woke up crying and shaking non-stop :cry:

Yeah, like others my first is a nightmare.

I was at SeaWorld and a monster was eating all of the whales (but no one could find it). Near the end the monster jumped out of the water and ate a kid and his mom. The monster looked kind of like the swamp monster in Nightmare Before Christmas (really freaked me out first time I saw that movie). When I woke up I was so scared I couldn’t move.

mine was seeing my parents run down the sidewalk, and as i tried to keep up with them, they would turn the corner and when i did, they were gone. for the rest of the dream i would search for them in my mothers car. (mind you i was 5) :grin:

The oldest dream I can remember…

…is fragmented…

I remember from it I’ standing on this circle platform thats high off the ground. It’s covered with moss and in the distance are three cylindrical towers also covered in the moss. Beyond them is what looks like the silhouette of a palace that I have to get to. The sky is a pale blue with no clouds and although it’s daytime the atmosphere has a touch of gray to it.

The next fragment of the dream that I can remember occurs in a hallway that has a pool stretching across it. The only pathway across is about one third the width of the pool. Out of the three times I’ve had this dream (the reason its my oldest recollect-able dream), in one I’ve had a red lightsaber at this scene. I’m chasing after someone who has turned the corner down the hall. In one of the times I run along the path, in another I go through the pool.

Hmm, the first dream I remember ever is pretty well carved in my memory, honestly I don’t know how old I was but in nineties there was a war in our country for the independence, I was born in 1990 so I don’t have any actual memory of the war but still my first dream that I remember was about war and It was happening in my backyard, and as I said it’s pretty strong memory, but I don’t remember much of the details, so here it goes:

I would say that in a dream I was like 6 or 7 years old. I was coming out from the basement [we have doors to the basement from outside of the house], and I was immediately in my backyard and I’m walking to the center of my backyard, just to look around after our neighborhood was bombarded. I don’t remember anything destroyed but I hear this loud sound, it was MiG-21, after first flyover he come back, and this time he was aiming me, he straighten up a meter of two from the ground rushing at me, and the next thing I know he strikes at me with this blade he had on its nose [I’m still talking about MiG-21 :smile: ], and me stabbed with this blade on his nose he crashed at the roof of my house and this is when I woke up.

So it looks that my first dream that I remember was a nightmare…


huge attic full of everything i liked i had that dream alot as a kid

It was a nightmare: I saw an abandoned, haunted house at the end of our street (it was nighttime in my dream)… I always saw it desolated and ruined in my dream (I don’t know why, but I had this dream more than once), it was an ordinary house in RL. Creepy… :eek:

first dream i remember was also a nightmare…
It started out (i was like 3) and i was in my family room and i was all alone and the house was dark. i was on my toy like car type thing. Then the car started moving by it self… faster and faster through my house and it was dragging toward the hallway where it was pitch black and i was sure something bad was there… Driving faster and faster… and BOOM i wake up very frightening… Another one of the scariest dreams i ever remember was this. When i was way younger i used to always go into my parents room when i had a bad dream. and so in my dream i apparently woke up from a bad dream and got up to go to my parents room. I opened my door and standing right outside my door was like Scream with chains hanging from him… :sad:

mine was too a nightmare. its common to dream fearfull scenes when younger. i had a re-occuring theme whereby i used to get chased by a little fluffy cloud from hell. it was one bad ass cloud about the size of a rabbit that threw bolts of lightning at random at me, and only me, everyone else it ignored…i remember hiding anywhere just to escape these bolts and just when i thought i was safe…but the bolts never got me they always seemed to miss, it was the anxiety of imagining they might just hurt, it was this menacing feeling, accompanied by not being able to run fast enough to safety that disturbed me.