What is your most profound dream?

Shortly before the dream that profoundly changed my life I heard a voice as clear as if he was beside me speaking into me ear. " These are the revelations…". I sat up in bed and looked around for the source of the voice to finish his sentence. I am alone except for my sleeping child laying next to me after a mid morning nap.
A Course In Miracles calls it “The Holy Instant”. At the time of this dream I had never heard of the Course.
It is early morning before the sun has risen or perhaps at the exact moment of the rising sun. In the dream I witness a serene landscape. I feel content and at peace. I am hovering over a lighthouse or what I believed at the time to be a lighthouse. The ocean is calm except for a storm far off in the distance. I have a feeling my family is out there. I feel as if I need to bring them in but it’s not with a sense of urgency. I am an observer. The sand is a golden hue that reveals to me it is perhaps early morning. There was a feeling of newness, beginning, a sort of perfect timelessness. (These abandoned “lighthouses” a total of 11 that line the shore between Bethany Beach Delaware and Fenwick Island Maryland. I later found out they are watchtowers.) As I focus in, the “lighthouse” suddenly lights up with an amazing brilliant light and within the same moment all the “lighthouses” light up for miles. Now there is only light! This whole dream takes place in this one instant (a holy instant). If it had not been so powerful it would not have entered my conscious because it existed outside of time. It was illuminating and continues to be so. If felt as if someone turned on the lights and all truth was revealed. Truth exists outside of time and space because it has no need. In the dream I AM the perspective of light. This is what I came to understand or remember… Our Source is light. Light is truth. Truth is love. Forgiveness and compassion are ours to give so that we can all return to our source whole. I saw that if my light did not touch someone it was not because I wasn’t shinning it was because of a block that was denying the truth of who they are. I know that everyone originated from this light from which I was seeing. I know that this is the same light people speak of seeing before they die. In this light there is only love. It is all encompassing. Shadows do not exist because they are burned away as if they were never there at all. I know that the light never goes away it can’t it is the reason and the source for all that is. (As a child I remember moments of clarity when I would realize I could not die. I’m not referring to my physical body but that part of me that knows that I exist. That is what I called it as a child “that part of me that knows I exist”.) I have no doubt that this is God, Energy, Higher-self, whichever name you choose to give it, it is the source from which we all come. The vail was lifted and will be lifted for all that ask to see.
I was also shown that all answers can be found here in this light. We as individuals are a perspective of that same light much like the facets of a perfect diamond. We are all healed because within a diamond there are no shadows. Looking back at the light for answers is the same as looking deep within and knowing the truth. Nothing is being done to us it is all for us!
After this dream I had a few months of euphoria and I still live in this state much of the time. I could connect to everything. All answers where SO clear. I have a renewed love for everyone including myself. The slate is clean I hold no more grudges, anger, resentment, disgust, or ultimately fear. I’m not saying at times I don’t feel these emotions but what has changed is the knowing that I don’t have to hold on to them. I recognize these emotions for what they are and I am grateful for the opportunity to burn away the shadows and shine.

:smile: Love seeing bright light in dreaming…always a treat!

One that stands out prominently for me is among one of my first lucid dreams many years ago. I remember being on observation deck of a monumentally tall tower…reminded me of CN tower in Toronto, Canada. Looking out admiring the landscape from far above, I’m dismayed to see a gigantic tornado (tornados are recurring theme in my dreams :smile: ) form right out of thin air…which was weird because it was a bright sunny day! It’s huge and ominous and heads straight for the tower. Nowhere to run and now everyone else sees the beast and are running around the observation deck, screaming in panic. The tornado hits and the tower is no match for it. It snaps at it’s base, carrying us crashing slowly and majestically to the ground. I know we are all about to die, but suddenly become lucid amidst this awareness. All of a sudden I feel completely and totally free…abandoning myself to my death. I start laughing out loud, with tears streaming from my face, as this incredible joy and energy fills my being. I try to yell at anyone who can hear to “Let go! Let it happen! Give over to your death and be free!” Not sure if anyone was listening, but I had to try…had to share the secret. As the tower nears it’s inevitable crash, I begin riding it down in a crouched stance like a surfer yelling “Yeeeeeee HAW!” It’s a ride! Death is a ride! Then, just before the tower hits the ground…I look over and see a door leading out of the observation deck with the sign “Exit” lit in green above it. The very instant that the tower hits the ground, I dart over and slip out through the door with lightening reflexes. Somehow, the timing is perfect and I step out lightly onto the ground as the tower hits and crumbles to dust…and peacefully walk away without a scratch.

Wake up shortly after that :smile:

Wow that is an amazing dream! What a gift! Did it change your perspective on death in waking life? I can imagine it did! During one of the online dream conferences a few years ago there was a talk from a man who had a profound dream of a tornado. I think I might have it saved somewhere it you would like me to email it to you. Do you think it continues to have an impact on your life today? Can you think of an example? thank you so much for sharing this profound dream!!

:smile: Thanks, Lidy.

Oh, yeah definitely…for 15 years since, that dream has pretty much been at the epicenter of my life, whether I remember or not, from one moment to the next. Trying to remember/recover that state of relaxation/release/acceptance and filling the empty space with pure, clear awareness. It’s the essence of lucidity, for me :smile: I’m the quintessential hard case, though…so cannot say I’ve perfectly manifested that state since the dream…not even close. I’m something of a flickering light bulb in that respect, I guess, but so be it. Regardless, I’ll never forget that dream and what it means for the moment at hand. Hopefully, I’ll embody what that dream represents during my last moments. Might as well practice now, I’m thinkin :smile:

This was a non lucid dream.

I’m on a small fishing boat out in the middle of a raging ocean. I am sitting outside on deck talking to a young guy. As the environment is extremely hostile I feel safer than I have ever felt before, I feel enveloped in 100% unconditional love.

As for time, I have the feeling that we spoke for hours but I have no recall of what we spoke.

The dream ends when the boat heads for the shore, I do not want to leave the boat and the young man asks the captain in the captains hut, who I do not see, if I can come out with them.
His reply was “he’s not ready yet”.

The emotions were amazing but I was so sad when I woke up that I did not get to go out with them again. :sad: