What kind of dream journal do you use?

Mine is a thin sketchbook with flowers on the cover. I also made something on the first page, it says “Dreaming as I do it less… asleep: a dream journal started on february 4th 2009”. I don’t really like that, and probably if I had done it now I would’ve written something different, but at least it’s pretty.

Back in 2009 when I started it I used to write every dream in a different color. I had a huuuuge writting break from march 2009 (didn’t last much back then, hah) until march 2012. Now I started writting in purple ink pen, a friend of my mom’s once told me purple was a very spiritual color so it just kind of felt right to use for my DJ :smile:

I like to use a notebook because I can keep it on my nightstand and just write whenever I wake up. It looks very messy because sometimes I write in the dark or trying not to move much.

I just write the date and underline it; if there’s something special to the dream I write a title and underline it too (as I did with my first LD :smile:)

I use a brown leather journal. It has line paper inside. It is sort of special, I mean it has a unique design on the front. I like to think that since I like my dream journal I will be more inspired to write down dreams.

Lately though I’ve been taking notes on the left pages and typing them on my computer because my recall has been improving so much. After I type them I write down the dream in my journal on the right pages

I use grid paper note books or regular note taking books :smile:

Sort of a working note book with a pen included.
It’s very handy, and enough rigid to write down my dreams as soon as I wake up :wink:

I’m using a Moleskine plain extra large softcover notebook. I’m planning to use these as DJs until they either stop selling it or I can’t afford them anymore (probably I should buy a stack of those in advance?). But maybe I’ll stop using the plain ones… it’s so tedious to write in these. But I still have to endure the remaining ~200 pages of my current one.

I think it would look nice to have a whole shelf of these in a few years. :smile:

I have two forms of dream journal at this point. I was using a simple black softcover notebook as my journal, but I recently started typing dreams onto my laptop in the mornings instead. I tend to just journal when awake for awhile anyway, but it;s good to have the notepad and a pen around close by in case I do have something very vivid, important and rapidly fading to document

I use the inception button.

I keeed, I keed.

Here it is.

I started with a diarything what my girlfriend did for me. It is very unique and thats why I thought it would be good to write dreams to it. But then I realized again that Im very poor at writing with pen, so I began to write my DJ on computer. I try to make as unique as you get. Different fonts and colour of text. Working fine for me.

I used to use brown moleskin notebooks but recently I have switched to a video journal using a whiteboard for temporary quick notes and/or reminders for later. I really haven’t been too good about it lately but I am trying to get in the habit before going back to college. You can find my journal Here (Blog) or Here (YouTube). I’ve got some more to post and it is still a work in progress but this is what I have found works best for me. I plan to start writing them out in full again as well if I can find the time.

Light and useful

I don’t use an actual physical dream journal. I just type my dreams down in Pages and then copy and paste them to my online dream journal, and use fancy colors to make it look all fruity :cool: . The reason I don’t write them down is because it would be hastle… I’d have to write it and then type it up here.

I just use a small hard covered notebook with a pen. I do each dream on a separate page. I also keep it open open a blank page so I don’t completely write over another dream…

I really like yours dragonmind! Wish I had one like that :cool: I have a cheap journal from Walmart that has Micky mouse on the cover. I couldn’t find anything else at the time that looked at all odd pot dream-like. It works for me though, I doodled over him a little bit.

I’m hoping to run into a pen with a light on it sometime. I found at least one on the net but can’t justify passing shipping on a pen yet

I used to use a spiral and then moved to a composition notebook. I would write the entries out manually and then type them up into the Lightened Dream software by lucidcode. Once the two hard books were filled up I went completely digital and now I only use Lightened Dream and the LD4All DJ forum.

I use blank notebook, which i decorate with stars and moon.

i don’t write, i draw. but i can’t draw, so most of stuff i make ends in trash :grin:

I use a blue leather-bound diary, with a ribbon page marker. I flag every page with a lucid dream on it. Unfortuneatly, I forgot to bring it with me on vacation, so I haven’t been able to record my most recent lucid dreams. Every time I have a lucid dream, I write down what kind of cheese I ate and when, and also what techniques I used to become lucid.

Mine is my old geography class notebook. There were still 70+ pages empty so I figured I’d use the rest. ^^
I print everyday at the top like “August 2nd, 2012”

From the moment I’m awake to the moment I fall asleep I’m surrounded by technology. Naturally I built a database purely for documentation of things that go on that I can relate to Lucid Dreaming. I can access these via the web no matter what device I’m using.

I previously used old fashioned pen and paper, but found that I didn’t have a dedicated place to store this so it was kind of redundant.

I type all my DJ entries on my phone, transfer them via bluetooth to my tablet, from which I Wifi transfer to my PC, from which I upload the DJ entry to the interwebz.

That way I can triple back them up on my devices and it is easier to make edits, additions and so on.