what kind of person abuses LD

who is the kind of person that would abuse lucid dreaming please reply.

What do you mean by abusing?

Yeah, what do you mean?

Do you mean somebody that goes around killing everybody for kicks? Or doing drugs in an LD? What sort of thing are you asking?

If your talking about abusing DCs I use to beat them up when I first started lucid dreaming, because they wouldnt last long, and I only had time just hit a DC, but I dont do that now. If you abuse DCs they will be hard to find. I think DSs have feelings somehoe. Maybe its the feelings of you subconsuios. When I wanted a DC I would have to yale for one to please come out, and I wouldnt see nobody. So I would say dont abuse DCs.

I kind of abused it for a while, by just using LD’s – or sleep, really-- as an escape from my waking reality. As it turns out (though, I guess it would be obvious to anyone who’s properly thought about it,) lucid dreams and waking groundedness go hand in hand! Shh!! When waking life got better, better lucid dreams followed.

if people are sending me nightmares and garbage it would be sure nice if they stopped ,

or otherwise be shielded and cleared up


you know they don’t mean that. They just don’t know any better.

Shield yourself up. As you go to sleep, move energy into your system through crown, ground yourself and surround yourself with a shimmering aura of energy.

Scarface - what do you mean by abusing ?

that is soooo funny that you say hi hi hi

it works best for me to sleep at around 3 am, and get up whenever, then there is no 'thought pool" except my own!

“Sending you nightmares”? Wha… ? :eh:

I think he means SDing and dreamstalking

What is meant by “abusing” LDs?

People trying to escape reality, or those who don’t like dealing with life tend to sleep too much in the goal to attain lucidity as a “way out” of their problems. There are also some things one can do in dreams that I would consider abuse of the wonderful accomplishment of a lucid dream. In those cases I say the person is a poor deprived fool looking for satisfaction.

I guess anyone who doesn’t like his waking life. Some depressed people oversleep, using dreams as a way of coping with life when being awake is too painful. For those people (or anyone with similar profiles), LD is a dream come true (no pun intended), and they could oversleep and actually hurt his waking life (stop going to school/work, stop seeing friends, etc…) for the sake of LDing.

God knows that if LDing wasn’t really marvelous, this forum wouldn’t exist. For some people it could even better than waking life. This is the kind of people that would abuse LDs.

That’s not abusing LDing par ce, it’s going into self-destruct, due to overload from life. There are few coping mechanisms that can’t be harmful in some way, but LDing could also be switched to be used as a tool for recovery; if nothing else, as an insight into our own ‘true’ feelings cutting through any mask we might apply or belief we might try to convince ourselves of, to make our situation more palatable. The only thing I would advise is, to monitor your own feeling and thoughts, if LDing occupies all of your thoughts, or impedes your functioning then maybe it’s time to have serious think about things.

To maybe ask yourself some questions and try to answer honestly. Is your focus on dreaming, because it’s hard to live? if so, then by no means should you deny yourself of that support, instead ask, what makes it hard to live? Maybe there is something you can do about that thing. Using dreaming as a crutch to keep yourself afloat is fine, so long as you have some idea of what you are doing about easing yourself off it and it doesn’t begin to impede that. Not that you will have to, but to me that is the line between dependency and something pleasurable.

Hmmm… I never thought LD was abusable!

Well some people think that lucid dreaming promotes escapism. This is when a person doesn’t like his or her life, possibly suicidal and wants to lucid dream to be free and thus escape. Other than that I don’t understand how it can be abused.

i agree with this. since lucid dreams are made out of the subconcious and the power of you imagination, i dont think that it would be profitable to sacrifice your waking experiences for lucid ones.

ganted, people would disagree saying that there are limits imposed on waking life that are broken in lucid life, but ive found fantasies play out much better in lucid dreams when they have real life experiences backing them up.

for example, has anyone had a dream – lucid or no – that they were performing osme skills that actually improves when they practiced the skill more in waking life?

GreenDragon, I agree with you 100% on this and everything else you said. But some people are just not as enlighted (specially if having serious trouble in life) as to use LD for recovery. That’s the kind of people I was discussing on my post. For them, LD (or anything else, from working out to music) could be used in a destructive (or simply non-constructive) way.

It’s not clear whether the OP means escaping “reality” or for instance doing evil things while lucid. I myself used LDing to escape early on and it REALLY helped. I stopped having these very specific terrible nightmares where I was the monster. Nowadays I’m lucid less frequent but I try my best to keep up on it and my most efficient methods. For some reason… Sex is always involved in most of my lucid dreams. And we all know that since we can control a good % of our dream environment… I may be considered an abuser of LDs. lol. Since I have had at least 1 shared dream with 2 other ppl… I am inclined to believe that some of the DCs in our dreams are actually REAL ppl sharing the same dream, if not all of them. So it may be wise to limit what you do/say to DCs. :tempted:

People who hate life…