What should I do?

Hey fellow dreamers.

About a month agao, I started down the path to lucid dreaming. I had three stunning sucesses, but something happened that I did not expect. Ok so for about three nights in a row I had lucid dreams. It was amazing, but I also noticed that what would have normally been three days felt like five! It seemes that being lucid at least to me makes my day slonger. On top of that school has made me really busy and I just can’t seems to get out of bed for my very effective WBTB method of dreaming. Has this ever happened to anybody? What should I do?

Keep calm and persist with the dream log, you should have dream memories every night, you can have fun also only with ND, they get more vivid if you take de dream log seriously.

Go to bed earlier so that you have enough energy to wake up and do WBTB