What tips YOU off that you're dreaming?

What signs for you tend to tip you off that you’re dreaming? I’m interested to see what other people experience that gets the lucidity train rolling!

For me, there are a few common events which nowadays almost always tip me off, and yet still happen time and time again:
-suspiciously long jumps. Hard to describe (like most concepts related to dreaming), I’ll jump, and just by wanting to go further, I’ll sort of “drift” with my feet almost touching the ground, as if I was landing a parachute. This one will alert me that I’m dreaming almost every time, more so the longer the “drift” effect lasts for.
-School! Summer, weekends, breaks, I’ll dream that I’m back at school usually for an “extra class” or something to that effect, even though I’m aware of what day/time of year it is. I had a low-mid level LD just last night after I made a comment in homeroom class that I couldn’t believe that exams were over before thinking “wait a tick… if exams are over, why am I here?!”.
-People that aren’t supposed to be there. Relatives from the far away, dead people, famous people.
-Mass. Something will be way too heavy, or way to light, etc.
-Places, a rare one, and this one doesn’t always tip me off, but I’ll just be somewhere totally ridiculous.

I realise I’m dreaming when something really unexpected happens. The last time this happened was when I saw a robot float across a reception, I then knew I was in a dream. So yeah, really stupid things in my dreams tell me im dreaming, but the majority of the time I miss them :razz:

-DC’s say the darnest things…
-When I regret something so bad because of being too impulsive, I wish I could turn back time or “undo” it. Usually I’m lucky enough to be dreaming :smile:

When im in a situation where i cant breath, but i still can, due to the fact that it is a dream.

Nothing really gets me lucid in a dream. i just am.

It’s like when you’re walking along and you remember something important, except i remember “Hey, this is a dream!”

Fortunately it happens every other night or so, even without techniques.

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yeah, for me its usually fairly spontaneous. a few times it has been a trigger. one it was that i realzed i could breathe underwater (not to mention that there where geometrical collerd demigods flying around…) or when i realized it when i was talking to someone i dident like. i just noticed we were stadning on an endless plane of water…

Conflict in dreams! XD
I’ve noticed lately that everytime I get into some sort of danger in dreams… I scream “I’m lucid!” at the DCs that are putting me in danger-- As if it were my last resort, and my best threat to their safety.
Which of course… it is o-o;… I just don’t like that I feel so terrified right before I go lucid-- it puts me in such a foul mood that I rarely remember what it is I set my mind to do…

Oh yeah! And I agree… It tends to be rather spontaneous (besides the whole… danger thing).
Just a feeling, then a realization, yeah?