What was this experience?

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I wasnt sure where to put this. i hope this is the right place.
i dont really know methods for astral projection and obes yet
just know what they are
yesterday, i had a very unusual experience during meditation and id like to know what it was.
ive started meditating about a week ago or maybe less
i meditate from 1-3 times a day
each time putting a 20 minutes timer
during my second and last meditation of the day which was right before going to sleep i experienced something very strong.
after a couple of minutes of meditation, i began feeling like my body was paralyzed a bit (this already happened to me), a bit later afterwards, suddenly a very strong and vivid image, like a movie running before my eyes, very intense, also accompanied with an intense sound/music, after 1-2 seconds in this state, i felt the most amazingly strong vibration rushing through all of my body, a couple of seconds later, the movie/image was gone, but my state of consciousness remained different than usual.
I felt like i was in a trance maybe. I tried to just keep meditating but it was very hard. I tried to encourage another image of the same sort to reappear with no success, but very short afterwards, it happened again, with no vibration this time, until very quickly, everything was out of control, I just laid down, trying to keep focus on my thoughts when possible, and images/videos/sounds just rushed through my mind in a very fast and powerful manner. In this point I realized the clock was going to ring and take me out of my trance which was an amazing experience and i didnt want it to happen, but in no way, i woudlve opened my eyes and disconnect it. i couldnt even think about moving.
Trying to keep meditating upon my breath led me to the feeling that my thoughts are divided or so. Like a lower part of my consciousness of me was still trying to meditate upon his breath, while of course, getting distracted from time to time, but like a higher part of me was this sounds and images, like they were no part of my consciousness, not controlled by any way on the behalf of me, just images and sounds of all sorts and kinds running through my mind higher than my consciousness efforts to keep meditating (which was quite hard at the time) as if someone was just projecting those flicks of audio and video into my mind above my “normal” thoughts.
After some time in this state which seemed like quite longer than it really was (all of the experience was exactly 20 minutes) the alarm suddenly went off and i was pulled out of this state, back to “reality”, i was shocked, everything of course was dazed and blurry. Another thing to mention is that at the beginning of the process, in the early minutes of meditating, when i was closing my eyes, instead of seeing black and some patches of colors, i saw like light tunnels, which were constantly changing, like i was in some way, being pulled through them.
I hope i succeeded in making you understand partially at least my experience.
I don’t know what it was and i would very much like to.
I also think it was not even close to being fully “used”, I am sure that if my alarm wouldn’t go off, I would reach even more states of consciousness.
I remembered another thing which happened, which was maybe the strongest in the whole experience.
At one point, I just felt like someones hand was touching me rather strongly on my ribs/stomach.
It was as real as someone was actually there when suddenly and rather aggressively he just placed his hand on that particular area of my body.
Does someone here know what this was about? I think it may be connected to WILD in a way, or to astral projecting. the whole process was very extreme, strong, powerful, and overwhelming, a very strong trance indeed.
Thanks in advance

I think you went into SP there,along with some HI. You’re getting close!

I’m sorry for my ignorance but I am not familiar with the terms you mentioned.
SP and HI
im getting close to what?

I meant your getting close to having an OOBE. Just hold your mouse over the capital letters.

Sounds somewhat like SP.

The stomach thing could have been the old hag.
Scientifically, the pressure is just because of a drop in blood pressure, because you were so relaxed. (That’s what causes the old hag.)

I have a much better understanding now, I was pretty clueless then.
But thanks anyway Mew
It was simply a deep trance state. Completely hypnagogic (Body fully asleep), I suspect 4-5Hz brainwave frequency. (low Theta - High Delta)

It sounds like the onset of Sleep Paralysis to me, as well. The vibration thing you describe sounds like an experience I had while napping a couple of times. I felt like this rush of energy was passing through me, and it was loud in my ears, like a waterfall. I tried to move but couldn’t. It was a very intense experience.