What was this?

I was just relaxing in bed trying to LD, I was focusing on the darkness, which turned into colors and flashing rainbows, then a bright white light appeared and my eye lids started moving rapidly. I focused on this light, then everything got really bright, but the harder I tried to focus on this the more it kept getting dark again. Sorry this is hard to describe. Can anyone explain what this was?

This is called HI, or Hypnagogic Imagery, and it’s basically the pre-sleep entertainment, lol. People use this, much like you did, to focus on and use to get into a lucid dream. Let’s go back to that light scene. If that were to happen again, you could imagine the light gitting bigger, not smaller, until it filled your whole vision. Then, the light forms into other colors, and you realize you’re standing on top of a 200 story building, just gazing at the horizon. This vivid imagery that you produce just from HI will transform into a dream environment, which if you’re performing a WILD or know you are currently entering a dream will allow you to start off lucid!

This weird, yet normal, phenomina is actually incredibly useful. Next time you experience it, go for lucidity and experiment with what you can and can’t do. :grin:

EDIT: Fixed spelling error with HI :razz:

thanks dude, I am going to try this again tonight, except try to relax more and let it happen rather than try to force it.

The exact thing happened to me a couple times when I was trying to have a WILD. My heart was beating so fast that I couldn’t go any further.

when this kind of thing happened to me i somehow got
lucid but i couldn’t recall anything ,like my whole LUCID memory was erased.
any way it never happend happend to me since then
it was so wierd i can’t explain

Strange, this is exactly what happened to me one time aswell! I was listening to a hemi-sync track and then all of a sudden is a light-blue color, like a sky, but it didn`t have clouds or a ground. And my eyes also began to move rapidly.