What's for dinner? every countries specialty

Traditional swedish food (husmanskost) consists mostly of potatoes.
Boiled potatoes, mashed potatoes, raw-steaked potatoes…

With this comes meat (meatballs or pork, for example :tongue:) or fish (mostly herring or cod).
Swedish food is often accused of being very fat and “heavy” food. With some dishes you eat lingonberry jam (I’ve never understood the point of that). Gravy too.

A dish that a lot of kid’s dislike is pea soup url=https://www.coolabah.com/ausblog/marie/sps0502.jpg[/url] . It’s a soup made of peas and pork. Or something. I’m not a huge fan of it.

One thing that suprised me as a child was swedes eating pancakes for lunch, because that’s not how you eat them in Finland. I’ve always seen pancakes as dessert or a snack after school.

On midsummer’s eve, it’s very common to eat bread, potato and herring. Then drink a couple of snaps, with drinking songs of course. :cool:

As a dessert, strawberries.

I don’t know if it’s because I live in Stockholm, or if it’s so in the rest of Sweden too, but people tend to eat a lot of international dishes. Pasta, wok, mexican…

Examples of fast foods you can find here are:
hot dogs, pizza, kebab, sushi, wok, hamburgers (yes, we have McDonald’s…).

I can’t believe no Canadian has mentioned POUTINE :content:

Mmmmmm, that’s my favorite national meal.
Basically it’s fries, or chips as we sometimes call them, with mozzarella cheese on top, then gravy is added which melts the cheese. It’s common in restaurants and chip stands and it makes a good snack…even fast food restaurants like McDonald’s offer it here, although it’s not very good compared to home-made poutine.

Lobster is also a nice treat :yes:, and since hunting and fishing is very popular here, a lot of people I know eat fish and venison during the summer.

That one is pretty common here also.

Traditional english food… Theres the Sirloin steak, a steak which has actually been knighted by some barmy king… Fish and Chips, the standard friday night meal… Parmo’s. Native to middlesbrough, people only a few miles out of town won’t have heard of em… And, we come to… APPLES. An apple a day keeps the doctor away… Finally, Custard, the ONLY TRUE british sauce. Not many brits know that…

In Slovakia , we have a meal called “bryndzove halusky”.
It’s some kind of dumplings with sheep cheese called bryndza. It’s usually served with bacon. You gotta try it :tongue:

Something like this: https://www.4bcx.com/slovenskerecepty/images/042802_2b.jpg[/url]

nice and healthy there :tongue:

It’s a bit different in Kansas (but hey, as a state we are crazy).

Being wheat country we ‘traditionally’ eat a whole lot of breads. Wheat pancakes, wheat rolls, wheat bread, wheat pizza, wheat cookies, and on and on. :content:

That, and a lot of barbequed meat (though that could just be my impression from living in KC :smile: ).

For dessert though…Kansas Dirt. Tastes a lot better than it sounds. :tongue:

I haven’t read the entire topic, so I don’t know if anyone has mentioned this, but in sweden (mostly in the northern part of the country I beleve) there is a tradition of eating fermented herring, “Surströmming”.
It’s basically herring that has been sealed up in a tin can until it rots and builds up a pressure of stinky fart gas.
When it’s opened, an awful smell of death sprays out and stinks up the whole neghbourhood.
It’s known as one of the smelliest foods in the world.
I’ve never smelled it, but it’s said to be really nasty.

I recall that EU tried to ban it once, because they thought it was unsafe.

Haha, I’ve heard that they tried to ban tar pastilles (like Tervaleijona)…

I just enjoyed some wonderful homemade Cuban Caldozo. It’s a soup made with Yuca, Calbaza (squash), pork, potatoes, garlic, onons, cumin, salt, and other ingredients depending on the cook. It is sooooo delicious.

My favorite though is called Ropa Vieja, which means “old clothes.” It is a dish prepared with Stringed beef made with lots of garlic and red peppers. It is usually accompanied by morros y cristianos (moors and Christians) which is rice with black beans and yuca and platanos maduros which are fried bananas.

The stuff that dreams are made of…


EU tried to ban our traditional Polish meal called Bigos (fonetic spelling)

Its a kind of lettuce that is being prepared, in until it gets a brown color. It includes a few kinds of meats and vegetables. I like it ! It’s great :smile:

They wanted to ban it, because it is good to eat for even 7 days from preparing, if you keep it in the fridge, and then boil it again, and again.

BTW, I’m not good at cooking

EU is looking into our traditional food like dried and smoked fish and pinnekjøtt “dried and salted rib of lamb” which is a common christmas dinner.

And we are not even a member of EU :X

Really? I didn’t think there was anything bad about smoked fish…or anything that had been smoked for that matter.

Dried fish aint smoked .

Bazically its :

Cod that has been hung up for half a year on wooden “ladders” (have no other word :sad: ) and dried .

It might sound terrible ut with no water no bacteries … :confused:

And they tried to ban some special prepared tree in fish selling disks .The norwegians made a test and the tree approved to be BETTER than metal !

Hah ! Beat that !

Eu basicly seems to want to destroy anything being culture in individual countries… Just look at how they wanted to ban the british taxies and i believe they actually managed to ban the british double decker bus.

:yes: Agrees

In Maryland, of course, we eat nothing but crabs. :wink:

Well, not really. I’ve actually only had them a few times. Good, but I’m not sure what everyone is so fanatical about. The weird thing about eating crabs is that it’s really not so much what the crabs taste like, it’s more about the crazy salty spices they’re covered in. My cousin ordered some kind of crab pasta at a restaurant and kept saying it tasted weird because it didn’t have Old Bay in it. :tongue:

They never banned the double decker bus in London. Are you sure your not getting your stories confused.

I should know I only live about an hour away from London and to be doubly sure I checked out the BBC website and found nothing there.

In my area, in France, we have the " Quiche Lorraine" which is known from beyrouth to Tombouctou ( or is it ? :tongue: )

And, of course, the famous " omelette au fromage " :grin:

I know for sure that they wanted to ban it. And then i read lately about how the classic double decker is gonna be retired, which was rumored to be because of the new EU security regulations regarding public transportation.