What's for dinner? every countries specialty

lol…the U.S.A’s Specialty is fast food…I just read that in my geography book lol weird…Hmm But WHat I like is Uh…Hm…Acutally…what I like here is from Italy…Hmm okay…lets see uh… :confused: Idk… :tongue:

Pokkii! :happy:

I loooooooove pokkii (Psst…it’s “pow-ki”, not “pok-ee”) :peek:

It’s a Japanese snack food that I practically live on! :content:

Strawberry, banana, and coconut are my top three faves :good:

Here’s a wikipedia entry on pokkii

Well this is America, but I am obsessed with Japanese food. Anytiem we go out to eat I always want to go to our Japanese restuarant. It’s soo good. And they really give you enough to eat on for three days. They prepare it right in front of you and it’s really cool. :smile: :love:

Where I live we have a Japanese fast food restaurant…it’s got the best Teriyaki I’ve ever eaten. Period. :content:

Chinese and Japanese and SUSHI!

I had dinner in a pub the other day, and afterwards thought that it was probably quite a traditional English food.

A giant yorkshire pudding with roast beef, mash potatoes and gravy inside. With a pint of bitter to go with it (served from a hand pump, live beer).

That sounds absolutly delicious :content:
If I ever visit England, the first thing I’m going to do is EAT :grin:

Mmm…teriyaki is niiiiiiice…:good:


What you need to do is to find a nice old fashioned pub with a few “real ales” or “cask ales” on sale, and when you have a meal ask for one of the beers served by a hand pump. They set a nice pub meal off nicely. :cool:

Now I’m hungry. Hmm… We could put some recipes here every now and then, what do you people think?

I want some yellow rice…mmmI’m hungry now! look what yall did! -.-

Excellent idea, I love to cook, maybe I could transcribe a few of my recipies :yes:

Dreamer - Come to think of it, we have a few old fashioned pubs aroun here, maybe I’ll see if any of them have cask ale :smile:

Sounds like a good idea, I know a few nice ones.

It’s well worth trying to find some. What you need to do is look out for the hand pumps. They look like this.


This will be pumped up and down a few times to pump up a pint.

(If you’re interested…the reason you need a handpump is because the beer isn’t pressurized, there is a lot less carbon dioxide. This is because instead of it being added artificially it’s created by the yeast in a secondary fermantation, while the yeast is in the barrel. The yeast isn’t killed off, so when you drink it it has living yeast in it.

There is a lot less carbon dioxide in it, so if you put it on a table you won’t see bubbles rising, but it’s not flat, if you shake it you will see a few little bubbles.)

Ah yes, I’ve seen those pumps before, on television and in movies but never in a bar :content:

“Pa amb tomàquet”

Pa amb tomàquet (bread with tomato) is a typical preparation of Catalan cuisine that consists of bread -optionally toasted- with tomato rubbed over and seasoned with olive oil and salt. Sometimes garlic is rubbed on the bread before rubbing in the tomato.

It is served accompanied with any sorts of sausages (cured botifarras, xoriço, fuet, etc.), ham, cheeses, anchovies or other marinated fish, or grilled vegetables like escalivada.

The original base used to be made with toasted slices of pa de pagès (peasants’ bread), a typical round piece of wheat bread of a fair size (from 1/2 kg to 5 kg, from some 20 cm to 50 cm in diameter).

The origin of this dish is disputed as tomato is relatively new to Catalan cuisine (it came from America only after the XV century). Widely regarded as the epitome of Catalan cuisine and identity, some sources claim it is actually a relatively recent (mid to late XIX century) invention of Southern-Spain immigrants to Catalonia.

The dish is similar to the Italian bruschetta.

[From Wikipedia]

kjøttkak å potet!! nuff said, lol

Hmmm, does potet mean potatoes? I hope so because I love potatoes :content:

It does, and kjøttkak means meat cakes, something in-between meat balls and hamburgers, in brown sauce. It is usually served with lingonberry jam and flat bread :cool:

/me gets hungry!

powerbeyond, i wonder if we are from the same part of norway?

Oh, I could go on about Israeli food all day…

Israeli food has been influenced a lot by Europe and other countries because Israel is a immigrant state and also, a lot of Europeans fleeing from the Nazis came to Israel at the end of WWII.

What I consider to be a classic Israeli food definitley has European origins: Breaded Chicken Shnitzel with couse-couse. Variations of this include shnitzel with pttitim; a type of pasta made up of small grains much like rice, or farfalleh; similar to pttitim but with a more porridge-like texture to it.

I can think of no better meal, and this dish in paticular excites me - it is a personal favourite and is very special to me.

Another well-known dish is Fallouwach - a thin, multi-layered pancake of dough, usually served with a sauce of pulped tomatoes.

These two are more like fast food than the others, but I think they deserve a mention:

Falafel - small balls made of chickpeas

Shawarma - Shavings of meat served in a pitta bread with salad. It’s popular throughout the Middle East.

Finally I have to mention a food that is not an Israeli dish but the obvious favourite of every Jewish grandmother - chicken soup! Usually loaded with dill and served with either kneidlach or noodles, this makes my mouth water just thinking about it.

These are my own opinions on what I think are some of most predominant foods in Israel, even though some of them certainly arent unique to the place. I haven’t mentioned a national dish bcause I’m not sure what it is. I’ve used my own spelling, and “ch” is pronounced as in “Chaim”.

By the way, my brother says that if Israel has a national food, it is Hummus, which I completely forgot about. The chick pea paste is extremely popular both at day-to-day meals and at special occasions.

Avacado with hot mustard and a healthy dash of nutritional yeast on toasted sprouted wheat slice with soy sauce. also really great with something crunchy!

-Alligator. Elevator. Flatulation. name that sitcom!